Steps to Become a TANTV Contributor

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TANTV selectively accepts multimedia content contribution from industry professionals, expert and impact voices.

Below are the STEPS to becoming a TANTV CONTRIBUTOR:

  1. Apply by filling out the TANTV contributor application form HERE
  2. Read up on 10 Exclusive Benefits TANTV Contributors Enjoy HERE
  3. Read up on our Publishing Guidelines for TANTV CONTRIBUTORS HERE
  4. Read up on 10 Brand Values We Uphold HERE

Our contributors range from academic experts, scientists, innovators, business experts, finance experts, entertainment professionals, food writers, wellness experts, medical professionals, global economists, global health experts, activists, music artists, art curators, lifestyle educators, social entrepreneurs, startup founders, small business owners, business executives, youth leaders, NGOs boards, Non-profit founders and so much more. Those we accept as contributors are individuals who have personal projects, businesses, ideas in form of multimedia content they will like to share on our TANTV platforms to reach our growing audience and expand the reach of their personal brand. It is important for contributors to follow our guidelines to maintain our publishing standards and ensure our readers and audience continue to get quality content.

For contributors or any one interested in advertising, marketing, Public relations, event coverage, and other media and communications business services that TANTV offers, kindly email us at ENGAGE@TANTVSTUDIOS.COM with the subject “BUSINESS NEEDS” or refer to our marketing portal at “WWW.TANTVBRANDZ.COM” (Which will be activated by June 1st 2020)

We look forward to welcoming you on board as a TANTV CONTRIBUTOR and as part of our TANTV family and community.

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