TANTV Represents Swahili Village Restaurant as Official Media Partner

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We are excited to announce that TANTV has secured a partnership with the African fine dining chain of restaurants, Swahili Village LLC. Swahili Village is founded by Executive Chef, Kevin Onyona. Chef Kevin has been running Swahili village for over ten years in Maryland. Swahili Village recently opened a second location in the heart of Washington DC’s fine dining diplomatic corridor (1990 M street NW DC). The new location is known as ‘Swahili Village, The Consulate, a well coined name given to the new location because of its strategic diplomatic location and the clientele it hopes to attract. 

Image: Founder and Executive Chef Kevin Onyona

Executive Chef Kevin is a not just a restaurateur but a visionary, a trailblazer and an innovator with a plan to redefine the future of African fine dining. He has a 2030 vision to open the iconic upscale African fine dining nationwide. 

With TANTV representing Swahili Village, we offer a full communications and strategy value to the Swahili brand. Swahili Village is a brand with substance that has so many unique components yet to be explored. Our studios develop organic initiatives,  content and strategies that highlight the role Swahili Village plays in the food community/culture in America. Swahili Village deserves to be well represented on a global scale and that is our core vision. To see the Swahili Village on national and international headlines for being a major force in the African diaspora food culture.

Through our partnership, TANTV works closely with Swahili Village to develop and produce concepts, events, initiatives and marketing products with true organic quality. The partnership combines TANTV’s multimedia and innovative capabilities with Swahili Village’s renowned brand ethos, on a grand scale. 

TANTV founder Adedayo Fashanu and Swahili founder, executive chef Kevin Onyona. The image was taken on February 5th 2020 at the Presidential Ribbon cutting of Swahili Village ,The Consulate (SVC)

TANTV’s Adedayo Fashanu is leading the force and is involved in all aspects of this media partnership. She says,

It is an honor to work with the esteemed management of Swahili Village. I am grateful that the Founder and executive Chef Kevin Onyona was able to believe in me and my company to represent them as an official media partner. The Swahili Village brand is a fine luxury brand with a great background story and a world changing vision to redefine the narrative about African fine dining. This vision is what we at TANTV work tirelessly to communicate to the world. Our work with Swahili Village is to ensure that the Swahili brand becomes a globally recognized and world acclaimed brand receiving national and global coverage about their unique approach in elevating African food culture in the diaspora.

Founder and executive chef Kevin provided a testimonial, saying,

I am confident in TANTV  leading our communication and media drive. With TANTV representing us, we have already accomplished a lot such as the development of our new philanthropic effort that emerged as part of our COVID-19 emergency response to support frontline workers known as the Swahili Cares Initiative. TANTV helps us in developing and producing organic content that connects us with our customers. We are looking forward to a lasting partnership with TANTV.

– CEO- Swahili Village, Kevin Onyona.

Through our partnership, Swahili Village has been featured in the following news outlets and more to come. Our goal is to keep you informed and updated about the local-global impact that the Swahili Village brand is making to redefine the future of African fine dining experience. Going forward expect to see more stories through blog series, Swahili newsletters, local, national and international news coverage of Swahili Village.

For any press interviews or media inquiries pertaining to Swahili Village, do contact us at TANTV, email: adedayo.fashanu@tantvstudios.com or engage@tantvstudios.com. or call our office at 202-903-7470.

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