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TANTV is a media technology company committed to serving the information needs of people and communities through independent journalism. We operate through our News Media, Technology, and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to advance and elevate the inclusion of African and multicultural black diaspora communities in American society. Our company leads the world’s effort in achieving an inclusive society –  aggregating influential voices, and telling stories that inform, inspire, engage, and entertain.

Our Journalism

TANTV NEWS is a local and national news publication and network of independent community-led journalists & organizations that work together to produce media that is impactful, equitable, and responsive to the public. 

TANTV is backed by a coalition of independent journalists & organizations reporting for the African and Multicultural Black Diaspora communities across the country. 

TANTV NEWSROOMS – (Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Africa)

Our local newsrooms produce high-quality accountability journalism and need-to-know information, working directly with community members to produce and distribute reporting directly responsive to local information needs — such as how to find affordable housing, apply for benefits, and vote — civic journalism with an editorial strategy informed by intensive community listening and engagement.

TANTV is growing its presence in local communities nationwide, with a network of local newsrooms. We do this by equipping people with skills and resources, engaging in critical public conversations, and producing information that directly addresses people’s needs.

Our Technology

TANTV SYNDEX is the first intelligent local news, information, and creator platform for multicultural communities, boosting content reach and monetization for publishers, and creators, and precision targeting for advertisers.

SYNDEX provides a single interface that aggregates multicultural creators and diverse-owned publishers, empowering them to reach a global audience.

TANTV STREAMING is a streaming service catering to Africans and the multicultural global diaspora. Our streaming service chronicles and aggregates the unheard stories, perspectives, and best voice of the US African diaspora & multicultural communities through an array of media formats TV Shows, original programming, news, documentaries, podcasts, events, and movies.


TANTV BRANDS: We engage in creative partnerships with brands who would like to engage with us to tell and amplify their stories on our platforms. TANTV provides your brand access to the media ecosystem. 

TAN-GENCY: Our comprehensive branding, marketing, PR & Advertising Service. 

TANTV STUDIOS: Our studio and media production company handles your end-to-end production needs.


Adedayo Fashanu is the founder and editor-in-Chief of TANTV – a media entrepreneur with a background in journalism and TV production; she was previously a guest contributor for Forbes U30 and a seasoned contributor for HuffPost. She has covered the White House, United Nations General Assemblies, the World Bank and was featured on Brightest young things DC, the Africanist podcast, Ten Thousand African podcast, Inside a Great mind, Dear Diaspora, and more. In 2019, she won the Community Access (CA) awards, the best new show category, for producing Africa’s Triumph. Africa’s Triumph airs on Prince George’s Community Television-PGCTV Comcast 76/Verizon 42.

Our studio has a strong tech and media crew of professionals who will support you in achieving your media goals for your organizations. From social media management to website creations, graphic design and other media requirements to help your brand do better with sharing its impactful message with the world, we are your go to company. Email us for more information.