Former representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, endorses Biden for the 2024 election. Source: Flickr

“Trump Is a Direct Threat to Every American Value.” – Former GOP Rep. Kinzinger Endorses Biden

Ex-congressman's decision highlights growing divide within GOP, emphasizing democratic values over party allegiance in lead-up to crucial election

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Mia Boykin 

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger has endorsed President Joe Biden for the 2024 election, marking a significant shift in political allegiances. Kinzinger, who gained prominence as a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump following the January 6 Capitol attack, described Trump as “a direct threat to every fundamental American value” in his endorsement video.

The endorsement came just before the first presidential debate on June 27, providing Biden with a prominent Republican ally as his campaign seeks to appeal to moderate Republicans and independent voters. Kinzinger joins other prominent Republicans, such as former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, in supporting Biden. 

Despite acknowledging differences with Biden on certain issues, Kinzinger emphasized the importance of protecting democracy. “While I certainly don’t agree with President Biden on everything, and I never thought I’d be endorsing a Democrat for president, I know that he will always protect the very thing that makes America the best country in the world: our democracy,” Kinzinger stated. He also issued a stark warning about Trump, asserting that he would “hurt anyone or anything in pursuit of power.”

The Biden campaign has welcomed Kinzinger’s support. Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez praised him as “a true public servant who is a model for putting our country and our democracy over party.” She added, “Congressman Kinzinger represents the countless Americans that Donald Trump’s Republican Party have left behind.”

Kinzinger urged Americans of all political affiliations to unite behind Biden. “To every American of every political party and those of none, I say now is not the time to watch quietly as Donald Trump threatens the future of America,” he said. “Now is the time to unite behind Joe Biden and show Donald Trump off the stage once and for all.”

However, despite this high-profile endorsement, Trump maintains a strong grip on the Republican base, with most GOP officials supporting his 2024 campaign. However, Biden’s team continues to focus on courting moderate voters from both parties, including supporters of former Republican candidate Nikki Haley.

The Biden campaign has been particularly focused on reaching out to Haley’s supporters, even releasing an ad highlighting Trump’s attacks against her during the primary. Kinzinger suggested that Biden could appeal to these voters by emphasizing issues like national security, a key focus of Haley’s campaign.

Kinzinger’s endorsement represents a growing trend of some Republicans prioritizing what they see as the protection of democratic values over party loyalty. As part of the House committee investigating the January 6 attack, Kinzinger developed a national profile as one of two Republicans who served on the panel.

How the Supreme Court Ruling Impacts Kinzinger and His Role in the Jan. 6 Case

The Supreme Court ruled on July 1 that presidents can have certain immunities from crimes. Source: Flickr

Though he endorsed Biden a week ago, his words hit even harder following the Supreme Court ruling on July 1. The court ruled that former presidents have presumptive immunity for official acts within their presidency. Now that Trump is the first president to be indicted, many legal experts worry about what Trump will do with this expansion of power, such as pardoning himself. 

Kinzinger argues in the endorsement video that Donald Trump threatens American democracy, overshadowing party lines and necessitating support for Biden. With the Supreme Court ruling bringing significant backlash from legal experts, claiming that democracy could be at risk considering this expansion of power, the pressure on moderate Republicans to follow Kinzinger is even stronger now. 

This ruling could also directly affect Kinzinger because of his involvement in the January 6 case, as not only is the case now delayed, but the entire case may be thrown out due to what constitutes an “official act” for the former president. Since he has endorsed Biden, who openly denounced the ruling, Kinzinger will have more connections and resources to go after Trump if he wants to. 

As the 2024 election approaches, it remains to be seen how much impact such cross-party endorsements will have on the overall political landscape. The Biden campaign is expected to announce more influential Republican names closer to the November election, as part of their strategy to create “a permission structure” for Republican voters who might otherwise hesitate to vote for a Democratic president.

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