Taking care of your locs in this summer heat is super important to keeping them intact. Photo source: Pexels

Elegant and Stylish Loc Styles for Beating the Summer Heat

Discover loc hairstyles that blend trendy looks with practical comfort for hot weather

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Mia Boykin

As July begins, DMV residents know just what heat we may be dealing with. As someone with locs myself, I have been on the hunt for a good style that will survive the D.C. heat waves. Many other Black women with locs are seeking stylish and practical ways to keep cool while maintaining their beautiful hair. Here are five loc styles that not only provide relief from the heat but also showcase the beauty and versatility of locs.

Barrel Twists

Source: Pinterest / Alisha Ramos

Barrel twists are a chic and heat-friendly option for loc wearers. This style involves twisting sections of locs together to create thick, rope-like strands that cascade to the back of the client’s head. A very popular style, a conversation with a loctician can make the style unique to you and your preferences.

The benefit of barrel twists is that they lift the hair off the neck and away from the face, allowing for better air circulation and cooling. Additionally, this style helps protect the locs from friction and environmental damage, which can be particularly beneficial for your retwist in hot, humid weather. Stylists recommend keeping barrel twists for up to two weeks, making them a low-maintenance option for a busy person.

French Braid 

Source: Pinterest / virtuouscreations

The French braid with locs is a classic style that combines elegance with practicality. By incorporating locs into a traditional French braid, this style keeps hair neatly tucked away from the face and neck, providing instant relief from the heat. The intricacy of the braid adds a touch of sophistication, making it suitable for both casual outings and more formal events. This style also helps to distribute the weight of the locs evenly, reducing strain on the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

High Updo 

Source: Instagram / vivandherlocs

For those extremely hot days, a high updo is an excellent choice. This style involves gathering all the locs at the crown of the head and securing them in a bun or creative arrangement. The options are endless with updos, so feel free to get creative with ideas you present to your loctician. 

The high updo completely lifts the hair off the neck and shoulders, maximizing airflow and keeping the wearer cool. It’s also a great way to showcase facial features and neck jewelry. The versatility of this style allows for various creative interpretations, from sleek and professional to more relaxed looks.

Loc Knot Bob 

Source: Pinterest / Coils and Glory 

The loc knot bob is a trendy and practical option for those with medium-length to long locs. This style involves twisting the locs and knotting them at the end, turning the locs into a classic bob cut, which typically falls at or above the shoulders. The loc bob is particularly beneficial in hot weather as it reduces the overall weight and volume of hair, allowing for better air circulation around the neck and face. The bob also works well to keep your hair neat in the heat, as the twist will stay together due to the weight of the knot at the bottom. This style is also relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal daily styling while still looking polished and put together.

Braided Loc Crown

Source: Pinterest / Sharea Rea

Lastly, the braided loc crown is a regal and heat-friendly style that combines tradition with modern flair. This style involves braiding the locs around the head to create a crown-like effect. Not only does this style keep the hair off the neck and face, but it also distributes the weight of the locs evenly, reducing strain on the scalp. The braided loc crown is particularly beneficial for protecting your edges, which can be vulnerable to damage in hot weather. This style exudes elegance and can be adorned with beads, wraps, or jewelry for added personalization.

All these styles share the common benefit of keeping locs manageable and stylish in hot weather. They reduce exposure to sun and humidity, which can cause frizz and dryness. Moreover, these styles help to maintain the integrity of the locs by minimizing manipulation and protecting them from environmental stressors.

In addition to their heat-friendly properties, these loc styles celebrate the versatility and beauty of Black hair. They allow wearers to express their creativity and personal style while honoring a hairstyle deeply rooted in African diasporic culture. Whether choosing the elegant simplicity of a loc bob or the intricate beauty of a braided crown, these styles offer Black women with locs a range of options to stay cool, comfortable, and stylish throughout the hottest months of the year.

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