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D.C. Prepares for 75th NATO Anniversary: Road Closures and Transit Changes Announced

As D.C. welcomes leaders across the world for NATO summit after 25 years, its roads will be closed, traffic affected, and security heightened

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Washington D.C. Traffic will be affected and roads closed from July 6 through July 12 for the 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit. 

NATO will be celebrating its 75th anniversary during the summit from July 9 to July 11. This marks the first time in 25 years that the U.S. capital has hosted this prestigious gathering. 

The summit, which will bring together 37 world leaders from the 32 member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, will primarily be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, with additional activities at the Mellon Auditorium and around the White House Complex.

On July 1, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser met with representatives from the Metropolitan Police Department, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority to detail traffic and security arrangements for the summit.

Mayor Bowser emphasized D.C.’s experience with large-scale security events and urged residents to plan ahead. “Of course, we have a lot of experience hosting large-scale security events in the District. We are here to ensure this week is a safe and smooth experience for the 37 world leaders who will be here,” Mayor Bowser said, adding the general community needs to plan ahead.

The most affected areas will include the Washington Convention Center, Carnegie Library, Mount Vernon Square, Mellon Auditorium, and White House vicinity.

Officials stated that while residences and businesses in impacted areas should remain accessible, security screenings may be required for entry. Commuters are advised to expect delays and plan accordingly.

Officials stated that while residences and businesses in impacted areas should remain accessible, security screenings may be required for entry. Commuters are advised to expect delays and plan accordingly.

Alongside maps showing roads that would be affected, here is a full list of the roads  to be closed, traffic situations, and security information: 

  1. Road Closure:
  • New York Avenue between 11th and 6th Streets, NW
  • 15th Street between H Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
  • Madison Drive between 15th and 12th Streets, NW
  • 12th Street between E Street, NW and Madison Drive, NW
  • Constitution Avenue between 9th and 15th Streets, NW
  • 10th Street between Constitution and E Street, NW
  • Pennsylvania Avenue between 8th and 15th Streets, NW
  • 11th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and E Street, NW
  • E Street between 11th and 12th Streets, NW
  • 12th Street between E Street and Madison Drive, NW

2. Traffic and Access Restrictions:

   a) Road Closures:

      – Temporary closures begin July 8 for security setup

      – Major closures from July 9-11 around primary venues

      – Mellon Auditorium area: Closed morning of July 9, reopening late evening

      – White House Complex: Enhanced security and intermittent closures on July 10 afternoon/evening

   b) Parking Restrictions:

      – Emergency No Parking zones in effect from July 6-12 in various areas

      – Extensive list of affected streets available on the D.C. government website

   c) Security Perimeters:

      – Vehicle Screening Perimeter (Blue zone):

        * Accessible to public, but vehicles must pass through checkpoints

        * Rideshare/taxi/food delivery allowed with screening

      – Pedestrian Restricted Perimeter (Red zone):

        * Access limited to credentialed individuals

        * No personal vehicles, bicycles, or scooters allowed

        * No rideshare/taxi/food delivery permitted

3. Public Transportation Impacts:

   a) Metrorail:

      – Federal Triangle station: Closed July 9, 11am-11pm

      – Mt Vernon Square station: Closed July 9-12

      – Trains will bypass closed stations

   b) Metrobus:

      – Over 20 routes detoured from July 8, 8pm to July 11, 8pm

      – Affected routes: 3F, 3Y, 11Y, 16E, 16Y, 32, 33, 36, 52, 59, 63, 64, 70, 74, 79, D4, D6, G2, G8, P6, S2, X2, Red Line Shuttle

   c) MetroAccess:

      – Normal service, but with potential limitations due to road closures

4. Security Measures:

   – Multi-agency cooperation: MPD, U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and others

   – Anti-scale fencing installation begins July 8

   – Vehicle and pedestrian checkpoints at perimeter entry points

   – FBI reports no known threats to the event

5. Public Advisory:

   – Text alert system: Text NATODC to 888-777 for real-time updates

   – Interactive map available on D.C. government website

   – Residents and visitors advised to plan for significant delays

   – Allow extra travel time, especially in and around downtown areas

6. Services and Deliveries:

   – Trash collection and mail delivery will continue but on altered schedules

   – All deliveries must go through Remote Delivery Site at New York Avenue NW and 6th Street NW

   – Remote Delivery Site operational July 10, 6am to July 11, 7:30pm

7. Impact on Local Residents and Workers:

   – Residences and businesses within affected areas will have limited access

   – Security screening may be required for entry to certain areas

   – Local workers advised to consider remote work options or alternative transportatio

The 2024 NATO Summit represents a significant logistical and security challenge for Washington D.C. While disruptions to daily life are expected, city officials are working to balance the need for high-level security with minimizing inconvenience to residents and visitors. The public is strongly encouraged to stay informed through official channels, plan ahead, and cooperate with authorities to ensure a smooth and safe event for all.

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