Wes Moore becomes Maryland’s First Black Governor

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On January 19, Wes Moore was sworn in as Maryland’s governor and became the first Black governor for Maryland and only the third one ever in American history.

Image: Wes Moore

Moore attended a wreath-laying ceremony on the morning of his swearing-in at the Annapolis City Dock. The Annapolis City Dock is one of the Chesapeake region’s earliest slave ports. For this important moment in his life, Moore was surrounded by multiple black leaders to celebrate history at the dock. The city dock is known as a “Place of Remembrance” to honor Africans who died.

On the road to becoming governor, Moore had already made many accomplishments in the past few years despite being raised by a single mother. Moore was a motivational and hardworking young man who aspired to do great things in life. As a teenager, he interned with the former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke. He graduated with an associate’s degree from the ValleyForge Military College and then continued his education, graduating from JohnHopkins University in 2001 while also continuing to further his education atOxford University that same year. Moore knew that he wanted to change society and decided to take control of the path he set forth for himself.

Moore had also done his fair share in charity work and non-profit organizations. He became the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit organization that worked towards helping families and people out of poverty, including folks in Maryland.

Governor Moore has already begun doing work by releasing a $63 billion Budget Plan for Maryland. He plans to make Education and Transportation some of his top priorities while also ensuring there are ample rainy-day funds prepared in case anything unexpected happens with the economy, such as an economic downturn.

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