Viola Davis, David Chapelle, and more at the Grammys: Winners and Nominees

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On February 5th, the 65th Grammy awards were underway, The Grammys are a yearly award ceremony where thousands of nominees are selected to potential win a “Grammy”, an award that signifies outstanding achievement in the music and recording industry. This year though is being remembered for many different reasons, some of them being possible historical moments.

Many winners have already been announced while others are still waiting to hear the news. Some winners include Viola Davis and David Chapelle.

Viola Davis made history for herself tonight when she won a grammy for Best Audio Book with her memoir “Finding Me”. This marks a historic night for Viola Davis as this Grammy has officially made her claim the status of an EGOT. An EGOT is a person who has managed to win at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony in their professional Career, it’s very rare for someone to do so, she marks only the 18th person to become an EGOT name holder.

David Chapelle also got to feel the honor of winning tonight. David Chapelle won a grammy for best Comedy Album for his Netflix special titled “The Closer” which not long ago receive backlash for some material that was focused on the transgender community. This marks the 4th grammy he’s won. He was not in attendance to receive it, so the presenter named babyface accepted it on his behalf.

It was a historic moment for Nigerians as they watched the Grammys to see Nigerian artist Tems win her first Grammy in the genre of “Best Melodic Rap Performance”. Nigerians have won in the past, but Tems marks the first non-mixed Nigerian to receive a grammy, Nigerians who have won Grammys in the past were Sade Adu and Cytnhia Erivo, both being British Nigerians.

Others such as Beyonce were still waiting to hear results even after winning some awards. This night was a historic moment for Beyonce as well. Beyonce has been one of the biggest music Celebrities in this past decade. She had won a total of 28 Grammys until tonight where during the pre-telecast ceremony she managed to win two more, making her grammy total 30. Last night she won two more, bringing her total Grammy amount to 32. At 32 Grammys she has surpassed long time grammy record holder Georg Solti.  she is now the new record holder for most Grammys ever won in a career.

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