Why Do Black Women Wear Wigs?

From Instagram to TikTok, black women have taken center stage, flaunting their stunning looks with vibrant wigs of different textures from wavy curls to sleek straight hair. But, why can’t they just use their natural hair? Are black women not proud of…

How a Former Math Teacher Built a Luxury Beauty Brand for Black Women

Abena Boamah-Acheampong, a Ghanaian-American CEO and former algebra teacher in Chicago, Illinois, founded Hanahana Beauty in 2017 to “increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability.”  She had an educational background in education and psychology, but ultimately found her calling in entrepreneurship by launching her…

Rwandan-American Designer & CEO Disrupts Undergarment Industry with Inclusive Breast-Lifting Tape Designed for Multicultural Women

Meet Marylise Kana Uwabideli, the visionary founder behind Kana Company, rethinking women's undergarments with her innovative Breast Lifting Tape. Embracing body inclusivity and body positivity, her tape offers support, comfort, and style for women of all shapes and colors, filling a gap…