Chase Bank’s Jollof Rice Ads with Michael B. Jordan Sparks Global Excitement

Chase Sapphire “Taste of West Africa” with Chef Tolu Eros, Michael B. Jordan and other notable stars including ESPN Analyst and WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike, one-time NBA player Pops Mensah Bonsu, musician and producer Sarz, actor and DJ Tony Okungbowa, and actor Michael Oloyede stirred Jollof Rice debate in new direction.

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Chase Bank's Jollof Rice Ads with Michael B. Jordan Sparks Global Excitement
Image via Chase Sapphire

Few dishes spark passion and pride as Jollof rice in African cuisine. This beloved staple, a culinary icon across West Africa, has ignited yet another friendly yet fiery debate in a Chase Bank Jollof ad. At its core, the jollof rice rivalry is more than just a quest to declare a supreme recipe – it’s a celebration of Africa’s rich cultural mosaic and the deep-rooted traditions woven into every bite.

The great Jollof debate finds every opportunity to start afresh, hence when Creed actor Michael B. Jordan asked the age-old question “Which Jollof rice is the best?” in a Chase Bank Jollof ad for their Sapphire travel rewards card the heat erupted. 

Chase Bank's Jollof Rice Ads with Michael B. Jordan Sparks Global Excitement
Image via Chase Sapphire

The rivalry playfully pits nation against nation – is Nigerian jollof, with its bold blend of spices and smoky undertones, the true victor? Or does the crown belong to Ghana, where the dish is steeped in generations of family heritage and nostalgia? Perhaps Senegal, widely regarded as the originator of Jollof, deserves the ultimate bragging rights. Enthusiasts from across the region always passionately advocate for their homeland’s interpretation. 

However, beyond the friendly rivalry lies a profound narrative of unity and shared identity according to Nigerian Chef Tolu Eros in a dish he called “unity jollof rice” – a symbolic dish that blends the distinct flavors of Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Senegalese jollof into a single, harmonious celebration of shared identity.   

It’s a culinary embodiment of the adage “one people, one jollof,” reminding us that our differences are what make us stronger, richer, and more vibrant as a cultural mosaic.

“I loved hearing about the different ways to make Jollof and the family memories attached to it. I’m just here to enjoy the unity!”, Jordan wrote on his Jollof experience

Chef Eros proposed that the Michael B Jordan Jollof Rice ad by Chase Sapphire wasn’t just about creating a memorable dining experience but a celebration of our shared heritage and a step towards building stronger connections within the African diaspora.

Each region’s unique twist on jollof rice – be it the specific blend of spices, the cooking techniques passed down through generations, or the locally sourced ingredients – is a testament to the continent’s vibrant cultural diversity.

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