African Diaspora Network’s Almaz Negash Says it’s Time to Move Beyond Diaspora Remittances

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In 2010, Almaz founded the African Diaspora Network to inform and engage Africans in the Diaspora and facilitate direct collaboration with social entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders. Through local and global partnerships, Negash has been working to improve the quality of life in our communities for the past two decades.

The African Diaspora Network is a non-profit organization that connects African entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and leaders of nonprofit organizations to resources and build their companies up. Since the African Diaspora Network (ADN) was founded in 2010, the network has been growing gradually, Business from all over the country has been evolving.

Almaz Negash, Founder of African Diaspora Network

In 2022, The U.S. Department of state Office of Global Partnerships partnered with the African Diaspora Network in hopes of using diaspora remittances in a productive way by investing them in African businesses. The African Diaspora Network (ADN) is hosting its eighth African Diaspora investment Symposium In Silicon Valley from March 22-24. This event will also showcase the conversation on how to move beyond diaspora remittances.

State In a brief interview at the recently held U.S Africa Leaders Summit, Negash spoke to TANTV’s CEO Adedayo Fashanu, about the upcoming symposium. “Our African Diaspora Investment Symposium and Impact and Innovation Forums have attracted over 10,000 attendees (virtually and in person) who are interested in investing in and partnering with African and Africa-focused business leaders and entrepreneurs,” she said


Africans have always passionately given back to their home communities. The ADN provides help for those who are passionate about making their communities a better place. The founder of the ADN Almaz Negash wants to provide as much support through ADN for entrepreneurs to give back to their communities and others as well.

“The success of Africa will be secured when remittances are no longer needed. We need to look beyond remittances and develop a platform where those in the diaspora can invest in different African countries other than their home country.” – Almaz Negash

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