Canadian Senate Applauds Burna Boy and Nollywood for Global Achievements

Burna Boy has achieved global recognition and appreciation for his unique blend of Afrobeat, dancehall, reggae, rap, and R&B, which he calls Afro-fusion.

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Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images.

The Canadian Senate praised Burna Boy and Nollywood for their global impact. Marcel Lebleu, Director General of West And Central African Bureau Global Affairs, Canada, highlighted Burna Boy’s sold-out concerts in Montreal and Toronto.

Lebleu said, “He was in Montreal three weeks ago, sold out The Bell Centre twice. That’s about 35,000 people. He was also in Toronto. We don’t think about the culture industry a lot but this is an important industry. For example, Nollywood.”

Senator Peter Boehm, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, also expressed his admiration for Burna Boy, saying, “I was listening to Burna Boy the other night.” He later confirmed his fandom on social media, writing, “Being tall, I continue to enjoy listening to @burnaboy ‘Twice as Tall’ (2020) on my playlist.”

The singer was recently honored with Burna Boy Day in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on March 2nd, for his contributions to music and his advocacy efforts in the city.

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