White House Encourages BIPOC Students to Apply for Internship: 2023 Applications Are Now Open

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The application of the fall 2023 session has opened for the Washington White House Internship. Last year, the Biden-Harris administration had announced the launch of the White House internship program, this also marked the first time in history that White House interns would be paid after years of advocates pushing for the interns to be given some sort of compensation for the work they do.

The White House internship program is a public service leadership and development program that allows for those who take it to get a chance at gaining valuable skills while also supporting the work of the white house and more so of the Biden-Harris administration. Interns have the chance of choosing which department office they would like to intern in. Some of the different types of offices that will be open for interns are the White House, the office of the vice president, the Official of science and technology, the office of management and budget, and more.

Interns who are a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age have the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience in these areas. Everyone who meets the requirements for the internship application can intern at the White House, all eligible recipients will have to go through a security and background check process before starting their internships. Applications will be reviewed when received so it is advised that everyone who is interested to apply as soon as possible. with the interns being paid this time around, this should help people who haven’t been able to afford working as interns finally have a chance to do it.

Fall 2023 interns are the first to date to experience a paid internship at the White House, for fulltime participation, they would be working a minimum of 35 hours per week. The interns will be paid a $750 stipend for full time participation. For part-time participation, they would be working a minimum of 15-34 hours per week and will be paid $375 per week. The deadline for the fall 2023 applications is April 9th and applicants who are selected will be notified on May 22nd. The program will run for 14 weeks beginning on September 11th and ending on December 15th. At the end of this internship Interns will know the importance of networking, gaining new skill sets and taking advantage of the knowledge around them.

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