What if… Kindness Was Cool?

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“started by giving a crying stranger a hint of hope and now, I am giving a TED talk, and that is remarkable. As honored and as humbled I am to be here, it saddens me that we live  in a world where kindness is to be an idea worth sharing, and idea worth spreading. A world where vulnerability is considered to be heroic, a world where a man who tries to spread some love in his spare time is given a stage  to share his story but I get it…the world breaks my heart everyday, and I know first hand that sometimes life is not so great at all, heartache is an old friend of mine and  I know what sorrow tastes like, I have met Cancer defeat in Hopelessness and I am familiar with alcoholism, depression and betrayal; I know what fears did your soul, I have lost friends and gained enemies, people I have loved like angels have treated me like devils and I felt ghosts in my veins where God used to reign…” ~Jeremy Goldberg~

Jeremy Goldberg, founder of Long Distance Love Bombs who recently gave his TEDx talk May 2015 said those words above as part of his talk which is a must watch. Watch this life-changing talk and help share to inspire those you care for. This is a movement!

Jeremy Goldberg is a scientist who is trying to change the world in his spare time and after watching this talk, you might want to join his kindness revolution. In a world where vulnerability is rare and compassion is endangered, Goldberg presents a simple yet hugely inspiring solution.

When the Art of Being Alive started, Jeremy Goldberg was one of the early individuals interviewed for the project and his heart is just massive which I could feel just from our first conversation.  When we use our voices, ourselves and entire being to put more meaning and help each other make sense of life and the world through our individual acts of purpose, we together change the world. This is why my heart sings for the work Jeremy is doing and for similar stories helping to create change in the world. Most times, your act of kindness, finding meaningful ways to contribute to the world beyond yourself can be that which makes you truly come fully alive and feeling as alive as can get!

(Photo credit: Jeremy Goldberg; edited by Adedayo Fashanu)

What are you doing to change the world? What is your act of kindness? What is your inspiring story?

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