25-Year-Old Zimbabwean Education Activist Vee Kativhu Raising Advocacy for Girls’ Education 

Vee Kativhu is the founder and director of an award-winning education charity, a UN Young Leader for Sustainable Development Goals and the recipient of multiple accolades for her activism

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25-Year-Old Zimbabwean Education Activist Vee Kativhu Raising Advocacy for Girls' Education 
Image : Instagram @veekativhu

Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu, a 25-year-old education activist from Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, has been making waves with her impactful work in advocating for girls’ education and empowerment.

Founder of Empowered By Vee, a youth empowerment organization, Vee utilizes her social media platform, boasting over 300,000 followers, to provide practical study advice and uplift underprivileged and underrepresented young people worldwide to realize their academic potential.

Vee’s journey as an education activist has been marked by numerous accolades and honors, including being appointed as a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. She holds degrees from Oxford University in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and a master’s degree from Harvard University in International Education Policy.

25-Year-Old Zimbabwean Education Activist Vee Kativhu Raising Advocacy for Girls' Education 
Vee Kativhu and Prince Harry (Image: Instagram @veekativhu)

Recognized for her tireless efforts to address educational inequality, Vee has received prestigious awards such as the Diana Award Legacy Award, named by Prince Harry and Prince William, and recognition as a United Kingdom Rare Rising Star by Members of Parliament. She has also been honored as a Diversity Champion by Oxford University’s Vice Chancellor.

“Around the world, young people are on the ground doing the work, uniting and pushing forward for change. So, what gives me hope is seeing the hunger, the drive in my friends and the people who I get to call my leaders. The future is in good hands if we keep on pushing through.”

In addition to her advocacy work, Vee is an author of “EMPOWERED,” a self-help book for young people, and volunteers for education-focused charities such as United World Schools, CAMFED, and GirlUp Zimbabwe. Selected as a BBC 100 Women List honoree in 2023, Vee expressed her gratitude, stating, “I’ve grown up reading about this list and can’t believe I’m on it, next to some big game changers.” UK luxury fashion retailer, NET‑A‑PORTER praised Vee for her incredible voice:

“But just as remarkable is her effervescence. Whether she’s creating her inspiring YouTube videos, giving a TedX talk (or indeed, an interview), Kativhu’s positive energy is utterly captivating ­– even when the topics are serious.”

Looking ahead, Vee is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education Leadership to continue her mission of reducing the staggering number of 130 million girls currently out of school. Her dedication and passion for education and empowerment mark her as a future leader to watch out for on the global stage.

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