U.S. Extends Work Permit Duration for Foreign Workers

The U.S. government has extended the automatic work permit renewal period for foreigners from 180 to 540 days.

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U.S. Extends Work Permit Duration for Foreign Workers

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a new rule that extends the work permit duration for some foreign workers. This change aims to help immigrants who are allowed to work in the U.S. not to lose their jobs while waiting for their work permits to be renewed 

What’s New?

Before, the automatic extension for these work permits was up to 180 days. But now, USCIS has increased it to up to 540 days. This change is temporary and is meant to give workers and employers more stability.

USCIS Director Ur M. Jaddou explained the reason behind this decision: “Temporarily lengthening the existing automatic extension up to 540 days will avoid lapses in employment authorizations. At the same time, this rule provides DHS with an additional window to consider long-term solutions by soliciting public comments, and identifying new strategies to ensure those noncitizens eligible for employment authorization can maintain that benefit.”

Who Benefits?

This extension is set to benefit nearly 800,000 EAD renewal applicants, including asylees, asylum applicants, those with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and green card applicants.

The extension applies to people who applied for a work permit renewal on or after October 27, 2023,  and whose application is still pending on the date of publication in the Federal Register. Additionally, it will cover eligible Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) renewal applicants who timely file their Form I-765 application during a 540-day period commencing with the rule’s publication in the Federal Register.

The changes have come after USCIS made several improvements, like cutting the processing time for some green card applicants and handling a record number of applications more efficiently than before.

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