Can NFTs Be Used to Achieve the SDGs? – Prof Shirley Yeung

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As the world faces an uncertain future, it is more important than ever for leaders to think creatively about how to connect the dots between different Sustainable Development Goals. It is why innovative ideas like that of Professor Shirley Yeung caught our attention. Prof. Yeung, chair of the Metaverse Mindset Project/ Asia Ambassador, is at the forefront of using NFTs in innovative ways to achieve the SDGs. She conducted research on nine articles published from 2018 to 2022 and found that some keywords such as: Sustainable Resources Management, and Privacy of Sensitive Data showed up more frequently with 541 and 276 times respectively.

The purple paper found on the website of Impact NFTs mentioned that NFTs can be treated as marketing and branding assets with transactions in the open market. With the innovative use of NFTs and the emerging technology of blockchain, clear guidelines with blockchain governance mechanisms are expected to ensure the production and consumption of virtual assets (NFTs). This leads us to SDG#12 which is well understood by the communities for wellness and inner peace – SDG3 – Wellness with UNSDG Indicator (SDG 3.4).

In one of her publications, ‘Lesson Learnt from Quality CEO- Creativity Development for Learning Organization with Impacts’, Prof. Yeung reports on her analysis on using Tim Cook, CEO of Apple (2011) as a case study- she hypothesized that the key factors needed for creativity as a CEO included individual attributes – persistence, observation, passion and belief; and perception of work. She stated that the creation of value and the education of the target audience affects strategy implementation in product innovation. The Prof. in her publication also mentioned that a new model for developing creativity and learning was needed in many organizations; while also highlighting that environment that encouraged a culture of freedom and culture was needed for creativity – noting the point that parties needed to enjoy the creative and implementation process – encouraging the spirit of innovation.

Given the rise in global consumer expectations for sustainability, she emphasized that creativity has to be embedded into the hearts of management, and staff members, given its importance in developing new products,  services, and processes. It is therefore more pertinent than ever for leaders both at work and around the world to rethink how to connect UNSDG#3 wellness, UNSDG#4.7 knowledge transfer with #9 innovations, and #12 responsible production and consumption of contents created through the process of socialization.

Prof. Yeung is using NFTs in innovative ways to achieve the SDGs. Using NFTs to create new social-business models for the holistic recovery and inclusion of communities. She demonstrates that NFTs can be used for disruptive sustainable development projects; educating and visualizing the SDGs/ESG and the concept of a Green Economy. She believes this type of creative mindset is needed in order to take action and make an impact. Her paintings can be found on NFT platforms, and Color Brown Coffee Shop, Hong Kong . Her initiatives are well supported by her ongoing research findings on the holistic recovery of communities with wellness and sustainable lifestyle; collected via data from literature, interview, real-time projects, and disruptive education delivery modes at the pioneer SDG projects of Junior Chamber International chapters, Hong Kong.

diversity-to-co-learn Painting bu Dr. Yeung

The professor believes that the innovative use of NFTs has the potential to transform the way we think about SDGs and their connection to ESG concepts and values. “This is the kind of transformative mindset we need to educate and transform communities in taking actions and making an impact,” she said.

Prof. Shirley Yeung – UNSDSN-Kenya is leading and pioneering SDG action with web 3.0 and NFT. In her publications and academic role, she teaches others how to appreciate the process of wellness, sustainable living and design. She uses paintings in Chinese calligraphy style with NFTs to help developing countries with talent development.

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