Top Five Restaurants To Spice Up Your Date Night

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Valentine’s Day is a day when people show love to their partners and themselves. There is nothing wrong with tapping into your soft girl era or your gentleman era, it’s good to show love to yourself. Here are the top five restaurants we think would be great for a nice outing today. For those interested in visiting these restaurants, they are all located in the Washington DC area.

Number 5: Moi Moi

Moi Moi a west African restaurant with a southern American Accent. The restaurant is owned by Chef Howsoon Cham, who is originally from Gambia, West Africa. The menu has a lot of different kinds of food such as peanut butter stew, black-eyed pea fritters, and to top it off some Braised oxtails.

This restaurant is good for date nights or any outings. It can be located at 1627 K St. NW, Washington DC, 20006. If you wish to make a reservation, you can make it online at their Website.

Number 4: Ethiopic

Looking for a place with a warm atmosphere and shareable meals? You’ll definitely want to check out the restaurant Ethiopic, an Ethiopian restaurant that has a twist in its menu.

Ethiopic meals range from a variety of different proteins and more. Ethiopic serves meals such as Asa Tib, Yebeg Alethcha Wot, and even vegetarian options like Gomen. If you want to taste something different and experience a new type of cuisine, Ethiopic located at 401 H St NE is the place to be.

Number 3: Bukom Restaurant

If you want to go somewhere that is a paradise with live music, Bukom restaurant, and lounge is the place to be. It was established back in 1992, Bukom offers many different varieties of meals from many different countries across Africa such as Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. The owner’s idea for this restaurant was to provide a true cultural experience with their food.

The meals range from a variety of choices such as Stewed beef, Moin Moin, Naija Pepper Soup, and more. This beautiful restaurant is located at 2442 18th Street NW, Washington DC, 20009

Number 2: Maydan

If you want a place that is not only nice looking but also offers family-style shared meals and its own table menu, you’ll want to check out Maydan, a restaurant that mixes the Middle East and Mediterranean together.

If you want to forget what you know and learn something new with every bite you take, Maydan is the place to be. The menu includes a lot of different options such as Honey Soaked Dates wildflower honey, Maldon sea salt Herb plate mint, parsley, scallion, radish, and Chicken Shish Taouk ̃garlic, fenugreek, pomegranate molasse.

Number 1: Creole on 14th

Creole on 14th is the place to be this Tuesday. The restaurant has a cupid menu with a variety of different choices in food, appetizers, and dessert for all the couples who want to try it out on Valentine’s Day. The cupid menu includes crab cake mac and cheese egg rolls, creole chicken with four cheese mac and cheese and spinach, loaded creole pasta, and much more.

Creole on 14th is a contemporary restaurant creating unique dishes and craft cocktails inspired by the diverse cultures of New Orleans. The restaurant is located at 3345 14th St NW.

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Written By: Karesha Graham & Charles Buckley

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