The Hottest Diaspora Virtual Conference You Don’t Want to Miss! Beyond The Return, COVID-19 & Innovating

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The tech innovator, CEO and founder of Tastemakers Africa, a New York-based company that raised a $1million seed round for its business that connects Africa adventures to global consumers is hosting an all day virtual conference . The event brings together some of the leading African change makers from different industries as speakers. 

Cherae Robinson

Cherae Robinson has been named by as one of the 10 emerging women entrepreneurs to watch in Africa and a woman to watch by the United Nations Foundation. She is the mastermind of this new virtual event series, ‘The Thread: Conversations Beyond The Return, A Virtual Conference.’

The year 2019 seemed so bright for Africans in the diaspora and those of African descent who travelled home to celebrate what was called “the year of the return”. With 2020 being hit with the Covid-19 pandemic clashing with the high energy that many returnees had, it is a good question to ask, what comes next? Where do we go beyond the year of return? What does that look like in a moment where the world is standing still?

In one of her facebook posts, Cherae says,

‘All week I’ve been thinking about how COVID-19 is impacting the black community – globally, especially yesterday when South Africa went on lockdown. It feels like just yesterday we were in full Year of Return energy having an epic moment for the culture.

We have to keep that energy going, especially now. In an effort to do that while shedding light on some of the people and organizations really doing their part in art, culture, tech, finance, wellness, you name it – I’m taking #TheThread – a conversation series unpacking what we do beyond the return – virtual this Sunday at 1PM.

I’m currently floored by the folks who have said yes in just a day and a half of pulling this together. From Terry Oppong and Kwame Som-Pimpong who’ve agreed to co-host to every speaker who’s said yes including Nana Kwabena Tuffuor, Gina Paige, Walshy Fire, Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid, David A. Wilson, Chid Liberty, Nandi Dlepu, Amira Rasool Walla Elsheikh Dorothy Amuah and so many others who graciously recognized that we have to keep pushing.

I’m so excited to see what we can create in this moment of stillness and I hope you can join us by registering today.

In another post, she says, 

“ This entire moment is unprecedented in our lifetime so let’s use this space to remind ourselves of our collective power, share our stories, and create space for new things that’ll take us through this period and beyond.

I’ve had an idea to do a conference like this on the continent since I started the Afripolitans way back in 2012 but life happens and it just kept slipping.

Now is the chance to use the power of the internet to do it virtually and I’m legit excited ya’ll!” 

We’ve come far as a people, let’s keep that same energy. Wakanda is indeed forever and our momentum can’t be stopped. This is fuel for all of us.

“The Thread is a traveling series of conversations unpacking the potential for Pan-Africanism in a post-“Year of Return” moment for the culture. We are bringing The Thread 100% online for the first time. Come LEARN about what’s happening on the continent right now, DISCOVER innovations and movements shaping the exchange between the continent and the diaspora, and CONNECT with like-minded people from all over the world.”

Cherae runs a highly successful tech company that connects black travelers to local insiders in African cities who host them on cool tours and experiences. It is no surprise that she could pull off bringing some of the most talented diaspora innovators to come on board as speakers. Over 250 attendees have registered to participate. 

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Meet some of the speakers below: 

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