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TANTVTalks are live, online and video conversations between TANTV journalists and thought leaders in the diaspora. The concept of TANTV TALKS is to serve as a platform for conversations that matter, to entertain and enlighten audiences locally and globally. Through TANTV TALKS we aim to be that platform for Africans in the diaspora and for the multicultural community in America, to discuss subject matters of high relevance that is socially impactful. The platform will establish various focus areas and bring in niche talents and thinkers with interested audiences to engage with.

TANTV TALKS engages with creative multicultural figures who are dominating in their fields. We discuss relevant timely issues, host town halls for community building and also bring to the table key multicultural figures leading in politics, culture, science, to media, film, art, innovation, music, sustainability, fashion, entertainment, wellness and more.

PARTNERSHIPS: We seek partnerships with media outlets to amplify the events we have and expand our reach.

SPONSORSHIPS: Through our Brandz platform we work with businesses to provide them key services which in turn influences the work we do across our platform. To sponsor please visit www.tantvbrandz.com

Upcoming Events:


Two weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality in Nigeria turned deadly Tuesday as security forces fired live rounds on demonstrators, killing several people. The decision to use military force to quell the demonstrations shifts politics into an uncertain phase in West Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer. Nigerians began demonstrating in early October, calling for the ban of a notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, that has been long accused of police brutality on youth.

The ENDSARS youth-led movement that begun has taken a different turn and now it is time to engage in dialogue.

The dialogue will bring together community leaders and Nigerian professionals in the diaspora to the table to discuss the way forward.

Ongoing Series:

  1. DANFO CONVERSATIONS: ‘Danfo Conversations’ is a special show within TANTV TALKS  hosted by renowned Nigerian journalist Ireti Bakere-Yusuf (@sisiogelagos). She addresses social issues affecting Nigerians within the continent and diaspora.

This is a series we are very excited about. Stay tuned for more!

2. GLOBAL SOLUTIONS : Global Solutions engages global and community leaders to explore solutions to global challenges.


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