TANTV new health column, “Your Village Doctor” by Dr. Okenye addressing racial disparity in health & wellbeing of the African diaspora.
Dr. Okenye - TANTV

TANTV Launches New Health Column, “Your Village Doctor” by Medical Expert Dr. Okenye

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Dr. Okenye Dishes Advice Centered on the African Diaspora  

Ties to home are often as strong as the drive for success abroad for Africans in the diaspora, individuals like Doctor Emmanuel Okenye embody this duality, emerging as catalysts for positive change. With the launch of his new TANTV column, “Your Village Doctor,” Dr. Okenye steps into the spotlight as a trusted community health expert, bridging the gap between medical expertise and cultural nuance. He’ll lend a much-needed voice and insightful perspective into the health challenges confronted by these diverse communities. As a Nigerian-born, U.S.-based physician, Dr. Okenye understands the unique health challenges facing the African diaspora communities in ways a few others can’t.

I first encountered Emmanuel during our shared days at an SAT tutorial school in Lagos, Nigeria. Even then, his brilliance and passion for learning were evident, foreshadowing the remarkable journey that lay ahead. Now, as we reconnect amidst the full-circle moment of introducing him as an expert thought leader on the TANTV platform, it was clear to myself and team we had partnered with the right talent for this new launch.

For years, conversations between Dr. Okenye and I have centered on the need for a platform that blends medical expertise with a genuine passion for community well-being. His new segment, ‘Your Village Doctor,’ is precisely that—a space where health advice is delivered with simplicity, relatability, and even a touch of humor. By bringing his expertise to this platform, Dr. Okenye fills a crucial void, providing invaluable guidance tailored to the unique needs of diaspora communities.

Dr. Okenye’s path is driven by a unwavering dedication to education, empowering others, and helping his community attain their full potential. From the corridors of Lagos, Nigeria, where he first embarked on his academic journey, to the bustling medical centers of Roseburg, Oregon, where he now practices as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine.

Meet Your Village Doctor – Emmauel Okenye

Dr. Okenye’s journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a profound sense of purpose. Dr Okenye, DO is a Clinical Assistant professor of Internal Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. He is ABIM board certified and practices both outpatient at Evergreen Family Medicine and inpatient at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg Oregon. He completed his Internal Medicine residency training at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Emmanuel Okenye, DO is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific
Dr. Emmanuel Okenye, DO is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

He has received recognition as Student Doctor of the Year during medical school and was a national Student Doctor of the Year nominee.

Beyond his role as a medical expert, Dr. Okenye is a philanthropist and advocate for health equity. Through initiatives like his nonprofit organization, Child Scholars Inc., he has made significant strides in supporting education and mentorship to children in Nigeria, Kenya, and Southeast Asia. He is the Chief Medical Director at the Nidus Aquilae clinic in Lagos, Nigeria and enjoys taking mission trips to provide medical care to disenfranchised patients.

Addressing Racial Disparity in Health & Wellbeing of the African Diaspora

One of the most compelling aspects of Dr. Okenye’s health advice is its cultural resonance, his ability to translate complex medical topics into easy-to-understand advice through the lens of cultural understanding. He peppers his lessons with humor, slang, and references that will resonate with a diaspora audience scattered across the Western world. For the first time, this long-overlooked population will see their specific health issues acknowledged and addressed. Recognizing the importance of cultural context in health communication, he ensures that his guidance is not only informative but also relatable and accessible. Through ‘Your Village Doctor,’ Dr. Okenye aims to be the trusted local expert—a source of comfort and guidance for communities and individuals navigating complex health issues.

In a world where racial disparities in health and well-being persist, Dr. Okenye’s work takes on added significance. By addressing topics relevant to people of African descent—”Your Village Doctor” will offer straightforward health guidance tailored for people of African descent both in the US and on the continent. Dr. Okenye plans to delve into conditions like gastric ulcers caused by spice-heavy African cuisine, the risks of unmonitored high blood pressure and diabetes, osteoarthritis, seizure disorders, erectile dysfunction, STDs, mental health stigma,  the importance of routine bloodwork and more.

His approachable, often humorous, style draws from the archetype of the trusted local clinician that African villages have always relied upon for counsel.

‘Your Village Doctor’ TANTV Column is one of the first U.S. publication programs driving representation and inclusion in the medical sphere. Many in the African diaspora face significant health disparities and barriers to quality care, stemming from a complex mix of socioeconomic factors, lack of representation in medical research, and a lingering mistrust of the healthcare system.

TANTV’s Creator Platform Amplifies Maginalized Voices

One of the reasons I founded TANTV is to serve as a platform for relevant and authentic source of information that impacts our audience’s daily lives. The African diaspora has spent generations being excluded from mainstream healthcare narratives. Joining forces with Dr.Okenye through TANTV’s new community health column,  “Your Village Doctor,” our community finally has the opportunity to learn about wellness from someone who intimately understands their perspectives and lived experiences. Dr. Okenye represents a powerful new voice for health equity. Yet, as Dr. Okenye himself would attest, the journey toward health equity for the African diaspora is not without its challenges. The legacy of racism, inequality, and discrimination continues to cast a shadow over the well-being of communities of African descent, perpetuating disparities in health outcomes and access to care. Through our platform and series with, Dr. Okenye we will confront these injustices head-on, amplifying the voices of the marginalized, and uplift and empower the community, one health tip at a time. 

I believe that Dr. Okenye is the voice of health for the African diaspora, and this new column aids our shared vision of a future where every individual has access to quality care and information that keeps them in the know.

Adedayo Fashanu O.

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