TANTV Music Awards: Celebrating Africa’s Best Artistes 2021

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Apple Music describes Afrobeats as one of the most ‘eclectic—and exportable—sounds in contemporary music, mixing with everything from rap and dancehall to R&B and house.’  Afrobeats reflects sounds of 21st-century Africa. According to the Guardian, this generation of Afrobeats artistes have blown the African dance-pop genre on to the global stage over the last decade, taking their country’s music way beyond its borders. 

It’s only fitting that we document the evolution of Afrobeats by recognizing the artistes who are not only leading the charts but making history while at it. Like the father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti, once said,  ‘Music is the weapon of the future.’ 51 years since Fela released his stunning Afrobeat debut, Fela Fela Fela, the cultural and political icon, has paved the way for the progeny ‘Afrobeats’. 

To celebrate this evolution from “Afrobeat” to “Afrobeats”, TANTV begins a new tradition of annually recognizing some of the spectacular artistes in the game. 

For the next five days till Christmas day, our team will put out five categories with five nominees for the audience choice.  

In our first category, the nominees for ‘Top 5 Afrobeats Artistes 2021’ are: 

In our second category, the nominees for ‘Top Breakout Afrobeats Artistes 2021’ are: 

In our third category, the nominees for ‘Top Global African Artistes 2021’ are: 

In our fourth category, the nominees for ‘Top African Artistes Collab 2021’ are:

In our fifth category, the nominees for ‘Top African Songs 2021’ are:

Tag us @tantvstudios on Instagram to make your audience pick for the #1 African artiste of 2021 across these categories. Use the hashtag #TANTVMusicAwards2021.

TANTV Editorial Team: Seyi Brown and Adedayo Fashanu

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