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When something happens as dire as a pandemic like the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS, the world becomes at a loss for words. The big question citizens of this world are asking is “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS REALLY GOING ON?” To answer that question, we have to look up to those in power. From the local governments and community leaders, all the way to the federal governments of our respective nations. The interesting thing is that this pandemic is a global health crisis which affects every single one of us in the world. 

TANTV presents a digital series that aims to document as precisely as possible the backend of this pandemic. What are world leaders, celebrities, scientists, spiritual leaders… thinking and saying about COVID-19? What solutions are they proposing? How are governments around the world handling this? What is the impact on the economy, health care systems and the systems that make the world function? We also explore voices of those on the frontlines such as scientists, healthcare workers and others. Finally, how are citizens of the world, everyday people making sense of the changes happening in their lives as a result of COVID-19? 

We will bring you higher up perspectives from around the world that hopefully will help us make better sense of what is really going on. 

To be part of the conversation, use the hashtag #TANTVCOVID19. 

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