TANTV Launches New Interview Series, “Africa’s Triumph” on Huffpost

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Emerging from unbelievable trials to triumph, Africa’s Triumph Story Series (#ATSS) highlights the continent’s successful faces and trendsetters at the top of their fields. ATSS uncovers some of the continent’s best at the top of their fields. Highlighting the Continent’s successes to change the negative African narrative and improve the global perception of Africans. 

Emerging from unbelievable trials to triumph, Africa's Triumph Story Series (#ATSS) highlights the continent's successful fac

Just like this music by artist Adekunle Gold, it is every African’s prayer to do exceptionally well and not be put to shame as they embark on their endeavors. Africans everywhere are very competitive and they strive very hard to be on top, it is the time that more Africans who are leaders and at the top of their playing fields get recognized in international media. Thanks to the Huffington Post for their collaboration in making this project possible, we can feature African stories of triumph to the entire world and put more positive news about Africans in the media. Might seem like a minor step but surely a move forward towards changing the negative narrative and global perception of the continent! 

Africa’s Triumph Stories is a short interview series documenting the stories of now successful Africans who have overcome difficulties in their journey and have made it to the top of their fields. They are warriors, they are overcomers and they have become triumphant beyond their wildest expectations. From business gurus and entrepreneurs to scientists, innovators, artists, doctors, authors inventors and more from every field you can imagine.

The talents featured in this inspirational and empowering series will blow your mind and take you into the world of these Africans you have never heard about but are making waves in unique and astounding ways.  Indeed, it is time to put more African faces on the map and change the negative narrative and monolithic story of Africa.

The Journalist behind the series, Adedayo Fashanu is working with a unique team of video producers, editors, directors and many more talented folks, who have played a role in bringing this series to live. The series will sometimes feature accompanying moving videos, photography and other compelling visualizations to connect with each piece. 

The negative single-sided story about Africans has been told long enough, this series is aiming to present both to Africans in the diaspora and an international audience the array of talented and successful Africans the continent is enriched with and to tell the story behind their success. A documentation that will not only change the global perception of Africa but also inspire many especially young people in the diaspora.  


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