TANTV Founder Speaks On Diaspora Representation In US Media On VOA

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Our founder, Media entrepreneur and CEO of The African Network TV (TANTV) Adedayo recently spoke with VOA’s Vincent Makori about the role of diaspora media in telling stories that positively represent Africans and immigrants. TANTV is a digital platform that provides smart journalism and caters to the African and Black multicultural diaspora. The platform seeks to increase awareness of the issues and challenges faced by immigrants and those in the diaspora. It seeks to promote stories that challenge stereotypes and showcase the beauty, accomplishments, and contributions of African and immigrant communities. Adedayo believes that diaspora media is uniquely positioned to provide a platform for positive representation, one that can have a lasting and meaningful impact on the communities it serves. TANTV is striving to provide a platform for such stories and looks to be a catalyst for meaningful change.

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