TANTV Announces the International Correspondents Covering UNGA73

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TANTV has announced the names of the high level media professionals who will be attending the upcoming “73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 73)” holding in New York City between September 18 to September 30. 

The UNGA week in New-York is significant because the United Nations will be hosting top global leaders and Head of States from its member countries. It will be an extremely packed week full of activities where important global issues will be discussed, addressed and hopefully concluded with solution filled actions, aftermath. Our media team in attendance will be covering relevant news and stories from this event along side holding interviews with high level personalities attending.

Why is this Relevant to you?

Our media presence at the United Nations is an accomplishment in itself especially because we are a new media brand who is trusted enough by the United Nations Foundation (UNF) to ensure that we gain media privileges to the United Nations premises. Our goal is to take you along with us on this experience as a partner not just for exposing you to our audience but more importantly as a significant and authentic action of corporate social responsibility showing you care about what is happening in the world. We know you care about being part of the solution discussions about the global crisis affecting the planet and humanity as a whole which is why this opportunity to support our team of reporters on ground is important.

Our Media Plan
Our media plan entails the following:

Written Coverage: We will curate a catalog of articles touching on subject matters discussed and their relevant outcomes. We will cover issue based stories such as climate change, youth, education, health etc For partners and sponsors, you will be mentioned in the stories signifying that you care about these issues and how they affect the world.

 Video Coverage: We will cover footages happening at the event with our own editorial narratives. On all our videos, we will mention partners as an avid supporter of issues that matter to change the world.

Interviews: Our high-level interviews will be widely pushed on mainstream platforms and social media. Partners will get sponsorship
credits and acknowledgements.

Promotional Materials : Partners’ message of passion to global issues and finding solutions will be branded on all our promotional materials for the event.

Finally, Meet the Team Attending!


ADEDAYO FASHANU: A journalist, writer and media entrepreneur. She is the Founder of TanTV Studios. Also, a media contributor for Forbes, Huffpost and multiple
other platforms. She covered Global Development and various initiatives as a White House Correspondent under the Obama Presidency. Has authored over 100  publications and articles. She continues to tell stories that matter and make impact.


FRANCK TUCKER EBANG: is a two-time published author, public speaker, and pan-Africanist with an academic background in International relations with
a concentration in African Studies from American Public University Systems out of Charles Town, West Virginia. Mr. Ebang is the Founder and Managing Director of Dream On International Consulting, an independent Nebraska based, consulting company that promotes a stronger bilateral relationship between the United States and Sub-Saharan African countries by examining feasible and potential business opportunities resulting in win-win outcomes between both parties.

KEOMA LA HAMER : A social enhancer focused on
assisting to develop and redevelop existing communities. Breaking
through barriers, enhancing life experiences
and creating personal advancement opportunities for people
within communities as well as ensuring their lateral development. She was a speaker at the 2015 UN-Women Entrepreneurship Day Conference The United Nations Headquarters, New York City. She has high level expertise in community project writing, development and management, building/optimizing organizational processes and infrastructure to maximize results in social development projects, programs and service operations, including private and public partnership programs, community outreach programs, regional and international partnership programs and service industries. She is also a skilled strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key operational targets/goals.


JUDY ONYEBGADO: Was born in Montreal, Canada and graduated from Carleton University in 2016 with an honour’s degree in Humanities. In 2014 she released the first
book of her international bestseller series Ruthless People under the pen name J.J. McAvoy. Since then she has written over 18 novels and has had work translated into
French, Portuguese, and Hebrew. Her novels hope to push boundaries and allow readers to look at the world from another perspective.


JENNIFER UCHENDU: is a sustainability communicator, analyst, and founder of SustyVibes, a social enterprise changing the way young people conceptualize Sustainability in Nigeria. Through her work at SustyVibes, her sustainability work is focused on climate change, ecofeminism, youth development and inequality. SustyVibes has gained popularity via her innovative projects that engage young people like their Susty parties, campus cleanups, street conference, hangouts, eco-tours, movie screenings and trendy online publications – Jennifer has been said to be making sustainability cool in Nigeria; making a case for the advancement of the green economy in Africa.Following work experience in the FMCG, development and online retail sectors in Nigeria; she decided to found SustyVibes in 2016 which initially began as an online blog and quickly grew with over two hundred community members operating across the country.Jennifer holds a bachelors in Biochemistry from Covenant University and certificates from Cambridge University, European Energy Centre and Global Reporting Initiative respectively. She is a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and the co-author of the e-book titled: A Guide to Business Sustainability in Nigeria.

How can you Partner/Support?
You can support in the following ways:
➔ Be a Co-Sponsor or Event Supporter through a monetary donation. Your company logo will be placed on our media fronts and channels as stated in the media plan.
➔ Showcase your brand. For fashion boutiques you can style our team for that week.
➔ Be a media partner by content sharing, brand promotion in UN premises, special shout-outs on social media while on premises etc

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