Adedayo Fashanu, CEO TANTV, left, Gbenga Ogunjimi, Founder and Dir, The Nigerian Center
TANTV and the Nigerian Center enter a partnership.

African Diaspora Media Publication TANTV and the Nigerian Center Announce Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership will promote inclusion, social justice, and cultural awareness for Nigerian Americans and African immigrants in the U.S., while also providing access to essential resources and services for these communities.

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Washington, D.C. – African diaspora-focused media publication TANTV and the Nigerian Center, an immigrant and cultural center have announced a strategic partnership to advance inclusion and social justice for underserved and underrepresented African immigrant communities, elevate the Nigerian American culture and increase access to critical resources for Nigerians living in the U.S. This collaboration aims to highlight the rich heritage of Nigerian Americans while providing information about essential services to new community members.  

African immigrant and diaspora communities are not adequately represented, reached, nor uplifted in U.S. news media coverage. News media outlets often overlook the individuality and diversity within Black narratives, treating the Black experience as monolithic and undifferentiated. As a result, entire communities are left out of the conversation on the issues that most affect their lives, leading to lower levels of voting and civic engagement, deeper polarization, and a lack of access to economic opportunities.

“This strategic partnership aligns with our mission to advance and elevate the inclusion of African and multicultural Black diaspora communities in American society. Through the partnership, The Nigerian Center will leverage TANTV’s advanced content, technology, and global distribution network to expand its reach, amplify its message, and increase its impact on a local and national scale,” disclosed Adedayo Fashanu, CEO of TANTV, at an MOU signing event.

The partnership solidifies TANTV and The Nigerian Center’s commitment to closing longstanding inequalities and strengthening the local Nigerian and broader African immigrant diaspora communities in the nation’s capital while advancing public policies that expand access to economic opportunities, social justice, and local news.

“More than ever before, we are seeing a growing number of Americans with Nigerian ancestry and a rising curiosity about Nigerian culture in America. This is an opportunity to rewrite the Nigerian narrative, giving voice to our experiences on a global stage. We are thrilled to partner with TANTV to amplify the Nigerian story and provide an essential connection to all things Nigeria.” – Gbenga Ogunjimi, Executive Director, Nigerian Center 

In addition to collaborating on impactful community stories, immigration, entrepreneurship, policies,  initiatives etc. The Nigerian Center will be supporting  TANTV fundraising efforts, allowing it to receive philanthropic tax-deductible donations from its supporters.

“This partnership is just another example of how we at TANTV are prioritizing community listening and engagement to inform news and content that directly addresses people’s needs,” said Abolaji Omitogun, COO of TANTV.

TANTV will maintain its journalistic independence.

About TANTV, is a news media publishing and technology company focused on serving the African and multicultural Black diaspora communities in the United States and globally. TANTV provides a platform for creators, and advertisers to reach a diverse multicultural audience. TANTVNEWS operates as a local and national news publication network, producing impactful, equitable, and community-responsive journalism covering a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, sports, business, and social issues

About The Nigerian Center, is the first immigrant and cultural center for the Nigerian diaspora in the United States. Located in Washington D.C., it serves as a hub for Nigerian immigrants and their families, offering a range of services such as legal aid, homeownership, entrepreneurship and cultural programs to support their integration and success in American society. The Center is leading a campaign for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nigeria, aiming to help undocumented Nigerians living in the United States.

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