The Empowerment Bazaar Fostering Sisterhood

Be a part of this growing networking hub for women: The Empowerment and Networking Bazaar hosted by Dr. Adebola Ajao.

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The Empowerment Bazaar Fostering Sisterhood

Be a part of this growing networking hub for women: The Empowerment and Networking Bazaar hosted by Dr. Adebola Ajao.
Dr. Adebola Ajao

Meet Dr. Adebola Ajao, author of Empowered Woman: Five Principles for Living Your Best Life and Fulfilling Your Potential. She shares personal stories and experiences that prove the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and setting goals.

In celebration of women’s empowerment, a new type of networking space is emerging. We had a conversation with Dr. Adebola Ajao, an epidemiologist who specializes in women’s health. Dr. Ajao is the founder of the organization Empowering Initiatives LLC, which helps empower women and get them to fulfill their potential through self-development. She’s also the author of the book “Empowered Woman: Five Principles for Living Your Best Life,” in which she shares her essential guide for achieving life goals.

The five principles she highlights are labeled “Thinking Big,” “Conquering Your Fears,” “Seeking and Acquiring Knowledge,” “Finding Mentors,” and “Taking Action.” She delves deeply into each principle, breaking them down into simplified steps that are easy to follow. Later in the book, Dr. Ajao draws from her own experiences to provide helpful examples of how these principles are crucial for women to achieve any life goal. Her insights underscore the importance of these principles and offer practical guidance for readers. Dr. Ajao organizes empowerment events series and has recently concluded her second event titled “Empowered Women”.

“The big vision for this program is to continue to grow our community of supportive sisterhood to empower each woman to realize her dreams while tapping into resources within this network. Our goal is to hold the empowerment bazaar twice a year but connect women in the network to each other and to helpful resources between events through an online group. We are also excited about starting other initiatives such as a mentor-mentee program within the current network of women where women can be matched to a mentor in a specific area of desired growth”

DR. Adebola Ajao

The Empowerment and Networking Bazaar is inspired by her first book Empowered Woman, published in May of 2021. After publishing her book, Dr. Ajao wanted to do more than pack all of the wisdom into a book.

“I wanted to create a space where professional women and small business owners of color can come together to network, share business strategies, find future clients, and leverage each other’s platforms for success,” explains Ajao.

Her goal is to create an environment where practical strategies for building a career and businesses can be shared freely. She shared that after her book was published, she founded the organization Empowering Initiatives, which helped her create events such as the empowerment and networking bazaar.

Dr. Ajao mentioned that at these events, they ensure there are vendors for women to browse. She explained that they usually prefer to work with vendors they have previously collaborated with; especially vendors from previous event participants. However, she added that her team is open to considering female small business owners from the DMV area who are interested in reaching a wider audience within the community. Those who are interested can contact Adebola Ajao at

Linked below are vendors, partners, and resources from the event:
Empowering Initiatives
Isowa Gallery
MBA Growth Partners
OYE Collections
Bibire International
Visionary Initiatives, LLC
LSE | She Can Inspire
Be Well with NIKKI
● Dr. OmoLola Fashina: Author of Endless Chances Forever
● RAYDANI Jewelry

Written by: Nicole Milanovic and Charlie Buckley

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