Super Bowl LVIII: A Historic Game and Legendary Halftime Show

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Last night was Superbowl LVIII, a highly anticipated game and a historical match up for the ages. The Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles squared off against each other for the title of Superbowl Champions, with their Quarterbacks Jalen Hurts (Eagles) and Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) making history as the first two Black Quarterbacks to face off for the title of champion. The overall game was an explosive event, and it only became more explosive during the halftime show which was performed by legendary Barbadian Singer Rihanna.

At kickoff, the teams seemed pretty even at first, but The Eagles managed to strike first with a touchdown, however the Chiefs soon after rallied and scored their first touchdown to tie the game. When the Eagles scored to make the game 14-7, the Chiefs managed to tie the game up again with a fumble return touchdown done by their linebacker, Nick Bolton. However, the game reached halftime with the Eagles in the lead with a score of 21-14. But the real question on everyone’s mind: Mahomes Ankle.

Over a month ago during the Divisional Round game against Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mahomes was injured during a play, the result of the injury was classified as a high-ankle sprain. Even with the Injury, Mahomes managed to hobble back out on the field during the game to make a couple more plays before ultimately being taken to the locker room for further examination. The Chiefs did go on to win the divisional game against the Jaguars, but many fans were concerned with the seriousness of Mahomes ankle injury and if he would even be able to continue. However, Mahomes managed to go into the AFC championship still hobbling and beat the Bengals for him and the chiefs to move on to the Superbowl against the Eagles.

During the last couple minutes of the second quarter, it looked as if Mahomes’s ankle was badly hurt again as he hobbled off the field with a look of clear pain on his face. However, Mahomes was seen entering the locker room for halftime and it looked as if he was finally walking normally again after the tackle on the field that caused him the pain.

With it being halftime, many fans of football and fans of just the halftime show gathered for one person, Rihanna. Rihanna entered the halftime show and performed a 13-minute set of her various songs, however there was an unexpected surprise during the halftime show. Rihanna revealed that she was pregnant with her second child.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child which was a baby boy, back in May of 2022. So, this surprising reveal left many fans of the singer and halftime show in awe and cheering.

Rihanna’s fashion, styled by Jahleel Weaver—who’s responsible for many of the star’s memorable red carpet looks—Rihanna’s red Super Bowl outfit included a Loewe jumpsuit with a molded breast bustier, as well as a bold red leather maxi puffy coat by Alaïa, designed custom for her by Pieter Mulier. “When we were preparing our latest collection, Rihanna reached out to us for a few looks; I was very interested in her vision of Alaïa,” Mulier tells Vogue. “By what she wants to wear. And how. To me, Rihanna embodies the modern woman. A pure beauty.” Fashion fans online are discussing how similar the statement outerwear is to one that was worn by the late fashion editor and style icon André Leon Talley, though it’s unclear if it’s a direct nod to him or not.

Rhianna delivered an amazing spectacle with her music and performance and left many fans wanting more, however the game had to resume.

Entering the third quarter, Mahomes was back on the field and seemed to be ok now. It was at this moment the Chiefs got a major second wind and came back into the game to tie up the game. Eventually they scored another touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter to finally put them in the lead for the first time in this game. However, The Eagles managed to quickly score a touchdown and once again tie up the score as they entered the final minutes of the game with a score of 35-35.

It was here that the Chiefs team, and their head coach Andy Reid made tactical moves to run down the clock and ultimately leave no time for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles to score. The Chiefs won the Superbowl with a final score of 38-35.

This was a historical moment, Patrick Mahomes became the first Black quarterback to win multiple Superbowl championships, however his accomplishments didn’t stop there. He also became the first quarterback to win two MVP awards and Superbowl’s in only the first six years of his career. It’s hard for fans to remember he is only 27 after the massive impact he’s made to the world of Football. With two Superbowl wins and MVP awards under his belt, he marks as the only second quarterback to win an MVP and Superbowl, the only other person who has ever managed this feat was Kurt Warner who played for the ST. Louis Rams back in 1999.

With the track record Mahomes is currently on, he could be soon joining Legendary quarterbacks Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys) and Tom Brady (NE Patriots and TB Buccaneers) as a quarterback to win 3 Superbowl’s in the first seven years of his career.

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