President Biden is running for Reelection in 2024

President Joe Biden has announced he is running for a second term as President in 2024.

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President Biden is running for Reelection in 2024

President Joe Biden has announced he is running for a second term as President in 2024.

On Tuesday morning, April 25, President Biden announced that he will run for reelection in 2024. With his first term coming to a close, the President posted a video on his campaign website Tuesday, officially launching his reelection campaign. In the video, President Biden frames the election as a question of whether Americans will have more or less freedom, more or fewer rights in the years ahead.

“When I ran for president four years ago, I said we are in a battle for the soul of America,” Biden said. “And we still are. The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer. I know what I want the answer to be and I think you do, too. This is not a time to be complacent. That’s why I’m running for re-election.”

The President’s decision to seek a second term has sparked immediate reactions from his political rivals. In a statement released before the video, former President Donald Trump attacked President Biden over high inflation and his handling of the southern border, while also continuing to repeat his claims that he won the 2020 election.

“There has never been a greater contrast between two successive administrations in all of American history. Ours being greatness, and theirs being failure,” said Trump in his statement.

The upcoming election is expected to be a historic one, with Biden already making headlines as the oldest active president at 80 years old. If he wins a second term, he will be 86 by the time he has finished his second term as President. This has caused concern among the public, who worry about his age and fitness for office. However, Biden has answered questions regarding his age by saying that people should watch him do his job, and his aides argue that his legislation record will resonate with voters, including securing funding for the Covid-19 pandemic and infrastructure measures.

“Every generation of Americans has faced a moment when they’ve had to defend democracy, stand up for our personal freedoms, stand up for our right to vote and our civil rights. And this is our moment,” said President Biden in his announcement video, urging supporters to visit his campaign website. “Let’s finish this job, I know we can.”

The video has officially kicked off President Biden’s reelection campaign. Later today, the President plans to address the North America’s Building Trades Union with his plan for a one trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure law. Meanwhile, his wife will speak at a rally on abortion rights later in the day at her alma mater, Howard University.

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