Pelumi Nubi Solo 68-Day Drive From London to Lagos: How She Did It

Pelumi Nubi, in a small purple Peugeot 107, journeyed from London to Lagos on a solo road trip of 6,213 miles covering over 15 countries.

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Pelumi Nubi Solo 68-Day Drive From London to Lagos: How She Did It

Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian global traveler based in the UK, accomplished an amazing feat by driving solo from London to Lagos, a journey spanning 6,213 miles across 15 countries. Her 68-day adventure began on January 30, 2024, in her desire to travel and inspire others while revealing the beauty of Africa.

Traveling through diverse landscapes, from the busy streets of Europe to the vast Sahara Desert, Nubi navigated her way through the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and finally arrived in Nigeria on April 6, 2024.  

Nubi’s motivation for this road trip was mainly to challenge how news media portrays Africa as a war-torn continent. Instead, she wanted to unveil the continent’s captivating beauty through her journey, documented carefully on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

“Honestly, I just wanted to show that this kind of travel was very possible for someone who looks like me and really inspires the next generation of travelers to step out of their comfort zone and do incredible things,” Nubi explained.

Nubi’s social media presence exploded during her trip, with her Instagram following increasing from 12,351 to 59,390 in just a week, ultimately surpassing 238,000 followers across platforms. 

Upon her triumphant arrival in Lagos, the 28-year-old received a hero’s welcome at the Nigeria-Benin Republic border, with representatives from Lagos State Governor, including Tourism, Arts and Culture Commissioner, Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka, and the Special Adviser, Idris Aregbe. 

How Pelumi Nubi Drove From London to Lagos


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Nubi used a small, trusty, purple Peugeot 107 named “Lumi” for her journey, which she carefully outfitted for the journey. Her car was equipped with essentials like food, water, camping gear, a GPS navigation system, and backup paper maps to guide her through the less-developed regions of West Africa

With a budget of $15,000 to $20,000 to cover fuel, accommodation, and other expenses, Nubi made clever modifications to her small vehicle to ensure a comfortable trip. She installed a full-size 7.5 cm thick mattress from Amazon to create a bed she could lie flat on inside the car. For cooking meals on the go, she had a portable gas cooker that could be easily filled with a canister.

Anticipating the need for water, especially while crossing the Sahara Desert, Nubi rigged up a water supply system with a faucet connected to bottles underneath, allowing her to wash dishes and conserve her drinking water. She stocked up on essentials like Indomie noodles and garri, ensuring she would never go hungry on the road.

To maintain privacy for changing clothes or taking showers in remote areas, Nubi brought along a pop-up tent that could provide a secluded space wherever she stopped.

“I was trying to connect the two places I consider home – Lagos where I was born, and London where I grew up,” Nubi explained. “This overland journey allowed me to truly experience West Africa in a way flying over never could.”

Her father, Professor Nubi Gbenga, admitted to constant worry during the 68-day odyssey. “Many times we were scared, especially when she was sleeping roadside in this tiny car or waking up in forests and deserts. It was two months of sleepless nights praying for her safety.”

But Nubi’s daring spirit shone through as she embraced the difficulties to blaze a new trail of adventure. “This would inspire the next generation of young women that they can do daring things, step out of their comfort zone, and change the narrative of the African continent.”


Pelumi Nubi’s daring solo drive from London to Lagos was a mix of challenges and memorable moments. Navigating bureaucracy and immigration procedures proved arduous. In Sierra Leone, Nubi was denied entry simply because her trusty Peugeot was a right-hand drive vehicle. This unexpected roadblock delayed her progress. Liberia presented another setback when she was initially barred from entering, leading to frustration as she waited at the border.

Perhaps the most harrowing challenge came in the Ivory Coast when Nubi was involved in a serious car accident. In her Instagram post she showed her beloved car, Lumi, wrecked – the front bumper crumpled and the windscreen shattered. Accompanying footage captured her being carried into an ambulance, injured, with a caption pleading “Say a prayer for me.”

As a woman traveling alone through remote West African regions, safety was an ever-present concern for Nubi. She had to remain constantly vigilant, prioritizing her well-being while striving to showcase the beauty of the continent she loved. The vulnerabilities of solo overlanding weighed heavily.

Despite the immigration issues, the fear-inducing accident, and the risks of venturing alone, Nubi’s determination propelled her forward. Her mindset of “anything you want is possible” powered her through every obstacle. Nubi’s powerful words encapsulated her resilience: “Go after it with all you’ve got, with all your energy, with all your life,” and that’s exactly what she did.

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