Nigerian Restaurant Jolloff Etcetera Opens Gourmet Dining In Hyattsville

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The culture of people coming to dine-in at Jolloff Etc. changed to a purely takeout and delivery option as mandated for restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns in 2020.  Jolloff Etc. restaurant located in Hyattsville Maryland, first opened its doors in 2013 serving Nigerian staples and delicacies like pepper soup, jollof rice, egusi soup and more. Popularly known for great-tasting dishes, the dine-in ambiance for the restaurant wasn’t at the level where it could be categorized as a fine-dining spot.

“The pandemic was a blessing in disguise”, says Obi Onuoha, the restaurateur and co-founder. Mr Onuoha, says the lockdowns provided time to strategize and pivot to opening a bigger space that would provide an upgrade to the dining experience of their customers. Now open, a new location of Jolloff Etc. serves Nigerian and other West African gourmet meals in an upgraded fine-dining ambiance, where you can take your date, family, and friends for a luxurious feel. 

‍While the pandemic affected several restaurants, Mr Onuoha says his business experienced growth. He attributes this success to his Faith and belief in God. Mr Obi Onuoha and his wife Funmi Onuoha, are both Nigerian Americans who immigrated to the States in the early 2000s. They both founded Jolloff Etc. restaurant as an offspring of Quizine Africana, a Nigerian restaurant they operated in Lagos. They describe Jolloff Etc. as a bold attempt to refine and present the rich delicacies of Nigeria/ West Africa to the American public, in a decent environment.

‍By opening a fine-dining location of Jolloff Etc. within the same annex as the take-out-only location, the Onuohas answer the pleas of their customers who would complain about wanting a Nigerian restaurant that has an upscale ambiance and customer service like the standard American restaurants. 

The new location, dubbed Jolloff Etcetera Gourmet Dining (7455 Annapolis Rd, Landover Hills, MD 20784),  brings a customer base that sustained them through the pandemic and also attracts a new base of fine-dining lovers who want to try out Nigerian and West African staples. 

Mr. Onuoha says the future plans of Jolloff Etc. is to open as a fine dining in multiple regions within the DMV and other nearby states. 

Driven by a spirit of excellence, the owners, and staff of Jolloff Etc. work hard daily to satisfy the cravings of our numerous customers.

Jolloff Etcetera Gourmet Dining
7455 Annapolis Rd, Landover Hills, MD 20784|
Phone: (240) 582-5406

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