Eze Okwodu speaking with guests at his networking event in May. Source: Eze Okwodu and his team.

This Realtor’s Signature Networking Event Connects the DMV’s African Diaspora

With monthly networking events and educational seminars, Eze Okwodu brings together professionals across industries to build a community for the DMV’s African immigrants.

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For Eze Okwodu, a realtor and event organizer based in the DC metro area, building community is at the heart of everything he does. His monthly events have become a hub for networking and bringing together professionals from across the African diaspora. 

The most recent networking event was a shining example of Okwodu’s vision in action. On May 25, Okwodu held the Africa Day Power networking event to bring together African professionals. 

Held at the Famous Lounge in Upper Marlboro, MD, the event drew an impressive crowd that spanned industries and backgrounds. “We had a lot of professionals come by – people in IT, finance, local politicians from PG County, many many people” Okwodu recounted. Such a wide variety of professionals allows networking to span across fields, connecting people who otherwise would have never crossed paths. 

What set the event apart was the deliberate atmosphere of networking and connection from the attendees, making sure to form strong relationships with each other even in a small amount of time. “People came prepared with business cards, openly talking to each other. That’s the environment I want.” Okwodu said. 

For Okwodu, who hails from Nigeria, the motivation behind organizing these events is more than just networking for networking’s sake. It’s about uplifting and uniting the wider African community in the DC area. He works with a professional videographer, aggressively posts on social media, and connects with his past contacts to reach as many people as possible. 

The impacts are tangible, with Okwodu’s events directly leading to new business ventures, jobs, and partnerships months down the line. “I’ll have people tell me, ‘Yeah, I got this contract because I met someone at your event.’ It helps others more than it helps me,” he said.

But Okwodu’s community-building extends beyond just the monthly networking events. Drawing from his own experience as a Nigerian immigrant adapting to the American financial system, he also hosts regular home-buying seminars tailored to newcomers. His realtor tagline encapsulates his dedication to education, as he is “on a mission to help 1 million families into homes #TheEzeWay.” 

The events feature realtors, real estate lawyers, credit financers, and more to educate immigrants on how to navigate the real estate system. “When you first arrive in the US, it’s like learning an entirely new culture, language, everything. I help teach about finances, credit, banking, ” he explained. “My goal is to educate new arrivals on how to buy a home.” 

To someone just arriving in the United States, the real estate system can be confusing. But Okwodu’s seminar provides a stress-free space to learn and ask questions from real people who have been through similar processes. Okwodu’s work uplifts the African community, emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge and guiding others to success. Okwodu is hosting another home-buying seminar on June 29, and readers can RSVP for free for that event here

From buzzing networking events to educational seminars, Eze Okwodu has become a force in cultivating a supportive ecosystem for African professionals and entrepreneurs in the DC area. And if his recent standout event was any indication, his model for building community through connection shows no signs of slowing down.

Written by Mia Boykin

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