Mighty Minds Africa Launches Monthly Happy Hour Events at Èkó House DMV

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Come connect with diaspora professionals and entrepreneurs for food, fun, music and conversation.
Event Title: Might Minds Africa Monthly Happy Hour
Date: Friday June 24th
Time: 5pm EST
Venue: Èkó House DMV- 150 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850
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Many Africans in the diaspora are familiar with the common practice of remittances “often used to describe a sum of money sent by someone working abroad to his or her family back home”. Most times this is a means of survival for our loved ones. While this is important and sometimes necessary, it is often unsustainable due to a lack of knowledge or skills transfer that results in people being able to generate and sustain their own livelihood. In 2016, the founder of Mighty Minds Africa, Ifunanya Enezuagu, asked a vital question that has propelled young Africans in the continent to their next levels.

Her question: “How might we help the continent’s youth move into innovative mindsets that facilitates change, create enterprise and knowledge transfer within their communities?”

She says:

The vision behind Mighty Minds Africa is to inspire Africans on the continent and within the diaspora to contribute to the re-development of African society. To this end, we have held events supporting the diaspora community, connecting them with resources for business growth and to programs like the State Department Prosper Africa initiative. We started this monthly networking series to hold space to gather for enjoyment, music, connection and a purpose. Donations by the community will support our 2nd annual Youth Empowerment Summit: Building sustainable futures for youth in the digital era in September 2022. This is the essence of Africa. ~Ifunanya Enezuagu, Founder & Executive Director mightymindsafrica.com ~

About this event

This event is the launch of Mighty Minds Africa’s new monthly gathering, starting this Friday June 24th.

Come connect with diaspora professionals and entrepreneurs for food, fun, music and conversation. This will be hosted at the beautiful and newest Afro space in the DMV- Èkó House!

About Mighty Minds Africa

Mighty Minds Africa works to elevate the African youth to create opportunities and solutions to challenges in education, skills acquisition, employment and community issues by creating a supercharged environment focused on holistic development, social entrepreneurship, and direct employment outcomes that act as a catalyst for youth to pursue their ideas with confidence, become community leaders and contributors to the structural transformation of African society thus breaking the culture of poverty.


About the Location Èkó House:

Èkó House is a modern Pan-African restaurant in Maryland, celebrating the rich Nigerian culture, in cuisine, art and entertainment. The exquisite cuisine, carefully curated interior and exciting ambiance, will transport you to the vibrant city of Lagos.




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