Mizizi by Street Chef Shaw

New Grand Rapids Take-Out Spot Serves Up a Blend of Latin American and East African Cuisine

"Mizizi by Street Chef Shaw brings a novel taste to Grand Rapids with its unique take-out menu fusing Latin American and East African flavors."

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In the bustling Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan, a quaint brick building housing Mizizi by Street Chef Shaw came alive with anticipation and aromatic allure. The eatery, spearheaded by the renowned Kirel Shaw, aka Street Chef Shaw, opened its doors for the first time on a lively Friday evening. As the “OPEN” sign flickered on, a wave of eager patrons, eager to savor the unique culinary fusion of Afro-American, native African, Latin American, and East African street foods, poured in.

Credit: 13 ON YOUR SIDE/Matt Gard – The “OPEN” sign for Mizizi by Street Chef Shaw turned on for the first time on January 5, 2024, as a crowd of customers entered to try it out.

Mizizi isn’t just about tantalizing the taste buds; it’s a cultural voyage, a narrative of African American and native African heritage, aiming to inspire others through its eclectic flavors. Shaw, a Detroit native with deep roots in the area, reassures the curious and the cautious that the dishes, while exotic, are more flavorful than spicy, enjoyed even by his young children.

The opening of this brick-and-mortar outpost is a heartfelt nod to the community that has supported Shaw’s culinary journey from his food truck days. With its regular schedule now in motion, Mizizi stands as a testament to Shaw’s dedication and the vibrant culinary tapestry he wishes to share with West Michigan and beyond.

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