Kamala Harris visits Ghana Amid tour of the African Countries

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On March 26, U.S Vice president Harris traveled to Ghana and is set to visit two other African nations, in a bid by the Biden-Harris administration’s outreach to the continent amid China’s growing influence where some African countries have forged trade and other ties to Beijing.

Harris started her Journey to Africa with high hopes of making arrangements in order to make a change. Harris landed in Ghana and was welcomed by vice president Mahamudu Bawumia.

As Harris exited the plane she walked down a red carpet and was greeted with flowers and gifts. There were music, dancers, drummers, and children gathering on both sides of the carpet happy to see her. A few minutes after doing introductions she then gave a speech with both the Ghanaian and American flags on each side

“What an honor it is to be here in Ghana and on the continent of Africa,” she said on the tarmac of Kotoka International Airport. “I’m very excited about the impact of Africa on the rest of the world,” she said, pointing to a future in the coming decades. “

Harris plans to spend a week in Ghana meeting with various leaders and holding conferences about “Increasing investments and the economic empowerment” while also talking to the various leaders about Democracy and government, as well as genuinely observing the creativity and innovation Africa has to offer.

Harris has already begun making big stops on her trip. On monday, March 27 she met with the president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo where she praised him for his “Democratic Principles”.

“Under your leadership, Ghana has been a beacon of democracy and a contributor to global peace and security,” she told the president in remarks following their meeting.

Harris and the administration hope that this visit will open opportunities for ties with Africa as well as gain their support with the U.S.

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