IFC Empowers Professionals of African Descent with Networking Event in Commitment to Diversity

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As part of its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) recently hosted a networking event for professionals of African descent. The African Descent Networking Event, organized by IFC’s African descent alliance, aimed to create job opportunities for people of African descent in the private sector development industry. Held in celebration of Black History Month, the event provided attendees with an opportunity to learn about IFC’s diversity work, its role in society, and how to build a successful global career with the organization.

The IFC, one of the world’s largest institutions for private sector development, was founded in 1956 with a mission to transform developing countries around the world. The organization has expanded to more than 100 countries and maintained strong bonds with those countries. It offers internship and job opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, with four ways to join the company: internship, Programs, Consultancy, and Staff. The application process is straightforward, with a list of different jobs and various locations for everyone to apply.

The African Descent Networking Event was a significant initiative that aimed to connect African-descent professionals with IFC and its opportunities. Attendees were enthusiastic about exploring career options with the organization and shared their thoughts about how to apply to IFC and pursue a successful career field. The event was a great opportunity for African-descent professionals to meet, network, and possibly receive job opportunities.

IFC continues to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The organization will be co-hosting the Africa Tech Awards with Viva Technology on June 14-17, 2023. This event will present an opportunity for tech innovators to showcase their solutions and connect with investors and industry experts. Entrepreneurs with tech solutions that promote sustainability and improve people’s lives in Africa are encouraged to sign up for the event.

Overall, IFC’s African Descent Networking Event and participation in the Africa Tech Awards demonstrate the organization’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, and career opportunities for underrepresented groups. As the African Diaspora community continues to face barriers in various industries, events like these provide a platform for individuals to connect and access opportunities that may have previously been out of reach.

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Written By: Karesha Graham

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