Howard University Homecoming is a Rite of Passage

Eugenia Boateng notes that the best way to experience a gathering of an unapologetic community celebrating their Blackness with exuberating fun is at Howard University Homecoming.

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Howard University Homecoming is a Rite of Passage

Eugenia Boateng notes that the best way to experience a gathering of an unapologetic community celebrating their Blackness with exuberating fun is at Howard University Homecoming.

If there’s one thing you should know about Howard University or HBCUs in general, is that Homecoming is a major event. This event continues to serve as a rite of passage for the unity of the Black community. Within the Black community, Howard Homecoming has enormous cultural and historical importance. It is a time-honored event that brings together current and former students, alumni, and supporters to commemorate Howard University’s rich legacy and achievements as a historically Black university.

Howard Homecoming is significant because of its potential to build a sense of community, pride, and solidarity among Black people. It serves as a showcase for Black success in a variety of sectors, including academia, arts, athletics, and activism.

Historically, Howard Homecoming has also played an important role in the development of civil rights and social justice concerns. Activists and leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Thurgood Marshall have addressed audiences at Homecoming, utilizing the occasion to encourage and mobilize students to oppose racial inequity. Furthermore, Howard Homecoming acts as a forum for cultural expression and artistic development. It highlights the abilities of Black artists, musicians, and entertainers, underlining the significance of art in the Black community. The celebration of Black culture and the adoption of African American traditions at Homecoming not only protects legacy but also inspires future generations to boldly embrace their roots.

Howard Homecoming is one event of celebration to express the contributions of black culture to society. Black Greek-letter sororities and fraternities which are commonly used around the world serve as reminders of how strong the Black American social, cultural, economic, and political organizations are in their own right. Despite our oppressed history, the Black community continues to rise above the hatred we still effortlessly demonstrate our unashamed blackness, a blackness that rejects our oppressed history and white gaze.

Many people have gathered and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime journey of Howard Homecoming. Alumni come back and reminisce at the great institution they once strolled the campus of before they went on to do great things.

“Coming to Howard for the first time was seeing the beauty of blackness,” one alumnus said.

This community reunion has no limits, the university does not close for the weekend. But what should you expect for the upcoming Howard Homecoming weekend?
A number of off-campus and on-campus events are to take place at the Mecca, Howard University in D.C. People take time off school to experience the step show, the fashion show, the yard fest, the tailgate, and the football game.

This year’s theme is definitely one to unify and keep the continuous thrill Howard is most notable for during homecoming. Sourced from their official website, “This year’s theme, “Revival” signifies the time to recapture the enthusiasm of the past, rekindle our flames of school pride, and reconnect with the stories and memories that make Howard special. It’s also our moment, Bison, to celebrate our enduring legacy and all that Howard is and will become.”

A weeklong event runs from Saturday, October 14 to Sunday, October 22. They kicked off this week with a Day of Service on Saturday, October 14. The annual football game will take place on Saturday, October 21 2023 as the Howard University Bison will host the Norfolk State University Spartans. Following the game will be the annual Howard Homecoming Parade where the Howard University Showtime Marching Band, Howard University ROTC Color Guard, the Howard University Alumni Association, and various other community organizations will be some of their electrifying participants.

Pre-game festivities will be held at 10 a.m. for alumni, students, families, and community members to gather for the Homecoming Tailgate Party.

Such an eventful weekend is better experienced in person as recommended by most attendees, “you have to come here to believe this, to feel this energy.”

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