How This Diaspora Non-Profit ‘Good Cause Circle’ is Making Impact

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Good Cause Circle is a non-profit organization that’s breaking barriers locally in the Washington D.C metropolitan area and also across borders in African nations like Nigeria and Ghana. Good Cause Circle (GCC) was founded in April 2019 as a give back foundation. With a mission statement that aims to fight against extreme poverty, lack of education and social injustice and a vision statement that seeks to provide, empower and educate the less privileged, the recently established organization has achieved worthy milestones.

The founder, Mr.Emmanuel Agwi is a Nigerian who is based in the diaspora, Washington D.C. A young thirty-something who is relentless in being a force of impact when it comes to advocating for marginalized groups. He established the foundation as a means to be part of the solutions to poverty and systemic social issues. He has a background in Information technology (IT) and also in real-estate.

Poverty is in America and not just in African countries as U.S mainstream media showcases. There is something newsworthy about the fact that this Non-profit is focusing on poverty as a local-global issue and has achieved milestones in its mission. Since its establishment in 2019, GCC has engaged in endeavors such as feeding the homeless in Baltimore, Washington D.C and in Maryland through a food drive, has organized medical outreach for U.S veterans amongst other initiatives to give back.

What is particularly notable is how engaging multicultural diaspora millennials have been in coming together for exciting fundraising activities and volunteering their time in the ‘Good Cause’ acts.

This speaks volumes to the seriousness of the GCC agenda and the mastermind behind the initiative. It is not everyday that you witness diaspora millennials rallying behind a cause so passionately but the volunteers and the board members of GCC are mission-driven, passionate leaders and goal oriented.

Image: GCC Volunteers

According to Mr. Agwi, the founder, he says that the fight against extreme poverty can be won steadily by building a better substructure for our community and empowering the minds of the less privileged through the practice of metacognition.

Image: Marrix Manny, founder of Good Cause Circle.

I’ve always wanted to give back so why not take it to another level? Poverty is at an all time high around the world. Good Cause circle fights against extreme poverty by building a better substructure for our community and empowering the minds of the less privileged through the practice of metacognition. ~Emmanuel Agwi, founder Good Cause Circle.~

Image: GCC recipients, kids in Agbozume village in Ghana.

During these unprecedented times, Frances Osamor who is the female President of GCC, says, we must eradicate discrimination. Adding on, that Good Cause Circle is doing just that by creating equal opportunities to those in the urban and rural area.

 Our goal is to reach out to people who don’t have. To make an impact and try to create ways for them to make a living. ~Frances Osamor, President Good Cause Circle.~

The agenda seems simple enough but looking at the the scourge of poverty, it is important to see that these are human beings on the receiving ends and not just statistics, says a board member, Aisha Cadmus.

Good Cause Circle team has fed the veterans and the homeless  in the DMV as well as taking it back to the motherland by doing outreach in Nigeria and Ghana. In September 2019, the Good Cause Circle team sent over provisions from the United States to the less fortunate in Ghana.

Image: GCC recipients. Kids with GCC volunteers in Nigeria doing the popular ‘leg work’ dance.

In December 2019, GCC held an end of the year celebration which served as an opportunity to network and acknowledge the hard-work of the team and volunteers who dedicated their time to the cause.

Image: The Board Members of GCC at the 2019 end of year celebration. (Middle, EMMANUEL AGWI. FL-DAVE SKYE AO & AISHA CADMUS. FR- NADIA AJAVON, JAMES UGORJI & FRANCES OSAMOR)


TANTV Journalist Cheyanne Gordon in the middle, with the Board members of GCC.

Awards were given out to key individuals for their consistency, dedication and hard-work. There was catered food and entertaining special performances in addition to special guest speakers which TANTV was honored to have been invited as.

Image: GCC Awardee & Treasurer, Nadia Ajavon.
Image: Performer Sean Isler.
Image: GCC Awardee & President Frances Osamor
Image: TANTV CE0 Adedayo Fashanu (L) interviewing GCC founder Emmanuel Agwi (R).

TANTV held several interviews with attendees, the board members and the GCC founder.

You can watch the rest of the interviews on TANTV YOUTUBE.

For more information on Good Cause Circle visit and follow on instagram @goodcausecircle.

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