How TANTV Has Been Helping Minority & Black-Owned Businesses During The Pandemic

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During this pandemic, TANTV has been working with minority and Black-owned Brands to support them with media-relations services. We are supporting by helping brands with their public image, strategize on initiatives to do good while doing business, to build their brand voice and identity, to use our channels to share their stories of impact and promote their products/services. Our current Brand Partners includes the African fine-dining restaurant Swahili Village in Beltsville and The Consulate DC, the Mortgage bank making young Africans become first time home owners– First Home Mortgage Bank and a few others.

According to a study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it estimates that 41% of Black-owned businesses across the country shut down between February and April. This follows with similar findings released in June from University of California, Santa Cruz study which estimates that About 32% of Latino businesses and 26% of Asian businesses shut down over the same time span. Only about 17% of white businesses shut down during the same period, the study authors found.

As Black and minority businesses struggle to stay afloat, TANTV has launched a fund initiative to serve the community by discounting our media relations services to give room for more stories and voices of black and minority business owners to be heard. As a multimedia startup focusing on telling socially impactful stories of multicultural individuals, we feel the heavy responsibility to support and help tell your story.

TANTV is founded by a young black African woman, Adedayo Fashanu, who continues to push to see our stories told in profound ways. Launching this initiative transparently puts us in a position to do more of what we are here to do and keeps us financially capable to tell these stories.

We must collectively understand, that media carries power. When we fail to properly document and promote the strides we are making or the struggles we face as minorities, we underplay our power.


This fund initiative aims to highlight and promote ten thousand black and multicultural owned businesses that has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Image: Empty barbers shop.

We will cover these stories in installments and by sectors. Sectors range from entertainment sector such as event planners, DJs, artists etc to restaurant and food industry, the service industry such as hair salons, barbers etc, medical professionals, legal and accounting professionals who own their private practices and individual change-makers who have been running solo projects or gigs and have been affected by Covid-19.

We are not sure how long it will take us to achieve the ten thousand mark but that is our goal. It is an initiative that allows us to collaborate with change-makers and business leaders from various sectors in documenting their experiences and track the innovative solutions they have come up with since the pandemic hit. So many genius ideas has been developed by minority business owners to keep them afloat. This pandemic has proven that many of us can be resilient in the face of change.

These are the stories we hope to tell as we embark on this journey. We hope to share with the world how your business has been resilient in the face of change amidst a pandemic. What are you doing differently? How are you staying inspired and motivated to keep going? What are some practical advice you can give to others? What is motivating and inspiring you to stay in business regardless of the hard times facing us?

Our first installment is to cover a hundred stories and we have launched a campaign through the Indiegogo platform.

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Let TANTV tell your story campaign launched August 26th and we hope you will enroll to be a part of this editorial project.

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