Harvard Rises to #1 Dream School According to Survey

According to The Princeton Review, Harvard now ranks as the number one pick for students surpassing MIT and Stanford.

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Harvard Rises to #1 Dream School According to Survey

Harvard University has regained its position as the top “dream” school for college hopefuls, according to a new survey by The Princeton Review, Harvard surpassed previous favorites like MIT and Stanford.

Hafeez Lakhani, founder of Lakhani Coaching, acknowledged the university’s challenging year but highlighted its resilience. “It’s been a tough year for the brand,” said Lakhani. Despite the reshuffling in leadership, there’s a consensus that Harvard remains the top choice for students.

The early admissions cycle saw a 17% decline in applications amid turmoil, but Harvard’s acceptance rate increased, reaching the highest early action acceptance rate since 2019.

Financial considerations also play a crucial role in students’ decisions, especially with potential delays in financial aid award letters due to issues with the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Princeton Review found that 98% of families consider financial aid necessary for college, with 82% deeming it extremely or very necessary.

Harvard’s robust financial aid policies, offering tuition-free attendance for families with incomes below $85,000, contribute to its continued appeal. Lakhani emphasized, “Harvard has one of the best financial aid policies in the country.” This, coupled with other factors, positions Harvard as a top choice despite recent challenges.

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