Governor Moore Pushes bill forward for Abortion Rights in Maryland

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Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many protests have broken out across the country in favor of abortion rights, and some people are making the steps to ensure abortion rights still exist.

Governor of Maryland Wes Moore is attempting to push a bill forward that will allow for abortion rights to be possible in Maryland. If the bill is approved, it will allow for abortion rights in Maryland. Delegate Arian Kelly, a longtime abortion rights activist explains that the best thing people can do in Maryland for this situation is help protect the constitutional rights of one another, that way it can be ensured that this overturning won’t affect Maryland.

The information revealed so far about the bill is that its objective is to ensure everybody has fundamental rights towards reproductive freedom. This means people would be given the right to decide if they want to end, continue, or even prevent their own pregnancy. If this bill (Titled: House Bill 705) is passed by legislatives like its expected by many, then the final yes or no decision on this constitutional amendment will be made by the people of Maryland on the 2024 ballots. Delegate Arian Kelly stated: “We need those protections because we lost them at the federal level.”

Polling shows that the bill is expected to pass as most people have stated in the polls that they would vote yes, however this does not come without some sort of debate and slight opposition. One of the oppositions being Laura Bogley, a member of Maryland’s Right to Life

Bogley states that she sees Maryland no longer be known as a free state but being given the name of the abortion state under Wes Moore’s leadership. She says she expects that at least half a million children will be killed by what she calls “Abortion Violence” during his term as mayor.

Despite the debate and opposition, Governor Moore has called a press conference along with other legislative leaders to show his support not only to the constitutional amendment, but other bills that are being made in hopes of expanding the access to care and reproductive rights further in Maryland.

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