Former CNN Anchor Isha Sesay Starts a Digital Series Focused on the Impact of COVID-19 on Africa.

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As part of our #TANTVCOVID19 series we continue to feature relevant voices and topics that help us better understand the behind the scenes.

Isha Isatu Sesay is a world renowned American journalist of Sierra Leonean and British descent who has worked as an anchor and correspondent for CNN International. She left CNN in 2018 to support a girls education project called W.E. Can Lead for African girls, write a book and follow various other personal projects. Her bio on her Twitter page @@IamIshaSesay describes her as an independent journalist telling stories that truly matter.

With every one in the world being urged to ‘stay at home’ as a way to ‘ flatten the curve’ and beat this pandemic, Isha Sesay is at home just like everyone else. When a global crisis happens, the impulse is for journalists to rush to the scene, to be on the field and investigate. I imagine this must be hard for several active journalists because this is unlike any global crisis we are used to– this is a global health crisis! Humanity is facing a global health crisis that requires one action if you must, which is to “sit at home”. The truth is in any crisis, the only way to navigate is with communications and trusted information. Without a trusted source of information, data will be inaccurate and that adds to the danger which could cost more lives to be lost. 

While she cannot be in the field, the independent journalist and former CNN anchor Isha Sesay has begun a digital series from the comfort of her home in Los Angeles to help us understand the ‘behind the scenes’ of COVID-19 as it pertains to Africa. “HOME WITH ISHA SESAY” launched on Thursday, March 26th. 

On the show so far, Isha Sesay has engaged in conversations with a plethora of figures who are reliable sources of information. She had an insightful conversation with Black Lives Matter Co Founder Opal Tometi. Both are two  natives who currently reside in LA and Arizona with homes in Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Togo. They discussed the nature of Africans as communal people who will have to shift culture to practice physical distancing and why putting spotlight on Africa and its health has to be accurate, culturally relevant and applicable to its people.

Isha has also engaged in conversation with super model, fashion icon and philanthropist Naomi Campbell who is also on lockdown at her residence. Others she has brought on the show includes Nigerian Investigative Journalist Fisayo Soyombo, WHO representative of the Central African Republic Dr. Micheal Yao, Dr. Nicolette Louissaint the executive director of Health Ready, Dr. Mary Stephen a WHO technical officer, Nomzamo Mbatha a human rights activist and actress, Thomas Nybo a filmaker, photographer and journalist from Congo and several others.

My guess is the show will continue while we are all on lockdown and thereafter. Isha promises to bring more informative and inspiring voices to keep us aware of what’s happening in Africa as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic, global health and global affairs.

‘Home With Isha Sesay’ can be followed on all your social platforms facebook , Twitter and Instagram @iamishasesay @homewithisha, using hashtag #homewithishasesay

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