How Dedicated Care Health Services (DCHS) Provides Person-centered Therapies

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According to Betterhelp, Client or person-centered therapy emphasizes helping people by letting them lead the therapeutic process and be viewed with unconditional positive regard by the therapist. It was first developed by psychologist Carl Rogers in the 1930s and is one of the most widely used approaches in therapy. 

TANTV interviewed a therapist at the prestigious mental health institution, Dedicated Care Health Services (DCHS) about the “person-centered” therapeutic approach.  DCHS is a community-based health care organization serving the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, and specializes in high quality behavioral health care treatment. 

TANTV : How would you describe the work of DCHS in supporting individuals struggling with their mental health? 

DCHS Therapist:  Dedicated Care Health Services (DCHS) focuses on providing evidence-based mental health treatments to consumers in the District of Columbia. As a Core Services Agency, we serve individuals who struggle with mental illnesses by providing community-based psychiatric services, psychotherapy and community support services. Our wonderful team are in the business of advocating on behalf of our clients to ensure they gain access to the apprproaite resources that will support them in recovery. 

TANTV: Mental health disability is highly prevalent in the Black and multicultural communities, how do you bridge the gap to make resources and treatment accessible to this marginalized population?  

DCHS Therapist: We are very passionate about supporting every person needing our services.  The inequalities the Black community faces in accessing adequate mental health resources is inexcusable which is why DCHS is located in the heart of DC and why we perform outreach programs. Our locations provide convenience; our programs offer a variety of interventions, and our clinicians excel in assisting the individual to meet their therapeutic goals. At Dedicated Care Health Services, we are committed to providing a consistent & positive presence in and for the community. We are here to assist every consumer to optimize their opportunities for wellness, functionality, and actualization.

TANTV: What are some examples of the “person-centered” therapeutic approach DCHS prides itself on offering? 

DCHS Therapist: First, we offer what is called a “Diagnostic Assessment”. Each consumer receives an initial Diagnostic Assessment performed by a member of the Clinical team made up of qualified practitioners. Our person-centered assessments also incorporate consumer strengths, stage of change and cultural factors that impact treatment. The assessment also includes discharge/transition summary. Our Counseling & Psychotherapy are offered in an individual, group or family face-to-face approach. Our goal for symptom and behavior management is to help the client develop, restore or enhance adaptive behaviors and skills; to help improve their daily living skills. 

TANTV : What other services can individuals expect from DCHS? 

DCHS Therapist: DCHS professional team of CSWs always seek to identify and coordinate resources within the community to assist our clients recover and be rehabilitated to the community. While directly under the supervision of the Clinical director, the CSWs are divided into two teams each led by a Team leader supervising the efficient delivery of services and effective documentation of these. Each CSW manages a caseload of at least 20 consumers. We also offer Medication/Somatic Treatment services that include medical interventions such as physical examinations; prescription, supervision or administration of mental health-related medications; monitoring and interpreting results of laboratory diagnostic procedures related to mental health-related medications; and medical interventions needed for effective mental health treatment provided as either an individual or group intervention.

TANTV: What’s the helpline and contact info for DCHS? 

DCHS Therapist: All potential consumers will be linked to Dedicated Care Health Services by phone contact with the Department of Behavioral Health’s Access Help Line, 1 – 888 – 7WE-HELP or 1 – 888 -793- 4357.


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