Dara Treseder reaches new heights as the first Black indivdual inducted into the Forbes CMO Hall of Fame. source: @daratreseder on Instagram.

Dara Treseder, Autodesk CMO, First Black Woman Inducted into Forbes CMO Hall of Fame

From Harvard to Hall of Fame: The Trailblazing CMO shatters glass ceiling, emphasizes the importance of representation in leadership in Forbes CMO recognition.

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Mia Boykin

TANTV Launched the Black Women Inspiring Inclusion series in March, where several prominent Black women in media shared their experiences and strategies for inspiring inclusion in their respective fields. This ongoing series highlights the impacts of Black women in their respective fields, showcasing their talents and guidance for other Black women to learn from. From Jessica Cruel, editor-in-chief at Allure, to Aramide A. Tinubu, a television critic at Variety, these women highlighted the importance of diverse representation and authentic storytelling. They discussed how their personal experiences as Black women inform their work, driving them to champion other Black women in their fields.

In a new addition to our series, we turn our attention to another trailblazer who embodies the spirit of inclusion and excellence in her field. Meet Dara Treseder, the Chief Marketing Officer of Autodesk, who has broken barriers and set new standards for diversity in the marketing industry.

Treseder shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the inaugural Black individual and Black woman inducted into the Forbes CMO Hall of Fame. This groundbreaking achievement is complemented by her recognition as one of the most innovative CMOs by Business Insider. Treseder’s historic accomplishments mark significant milestones not only for her personal career but also for the broader business landscape.

The Nigerian-born marketing executive is responsible for Autodesk global marketing strategy, overseeing worldwide marketing, brand and creative shared her thoughts on her new achievement. “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude,” she wrote. “Today I was inducted into the @forbes CMO Hall of Fame — becoming the first Black person and Black woman to receive the honor (and yes, I immediately called my mom).” She added, “I vividly remember the first time I saw someone who looked like me in a C-Suite role — it gave me permission to dream bigger than I previously had.”

The innovative CMO’s journey has been long, she first studied at Harvard and then later for an MBA from Stanford in 2014. She has spent the last decade excelling in different industries, building a skillset that sets her apart from others. Before joining Autodesk, a tech company that spans across fields, Treseder worked at other well-known companies like Peloton, Carbon, GE, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. 

Treseder, who attended the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival, shared insights on the evolving marketing landscape, particularly highlighting the shifting dynamics between brands and content creators. In an interview with Fast Company, she noted, “The dynamics between brands and these creators have evolved. Gone are the days when brands dictated content for posting. Now, brands present their challenges, seeking collaborative solutions.” Treseder emphasized the importance of blending creativity and technology in effective marketing, stating, “The art and the science have to come together. The magic happens at the intersection of both”. She also highlighted the growing role of AI in fostering business connections and expanding resources for companies across various sectors

The mom of two isn’t just known for her work in marketing, though. She uses her platform to uplift other women in the business world and makes efforts to speak at events dedicated to educating other women of color. 

For Treseder, these recent honors aren’t just about personal success. She hopes they’ll inspire others, especially young girls. On her Instagram, she wrote, “While I’m so deeply honored to win these awards, I’m most proud of the impact it can have on little girls like my 8 year old daughter. Nothing is out of reach — if I can do it, so can they.”

As marketing keeps changing, Dara Treseder is leading the way. Her success shows that there’s room for everyone at the top, no matter the cards stacked against them. She’s not just doing her job – she’s opening doors for others to follow.

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