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Cure-Alls Herbal Scam: The Perils of Unproven Herbal Remedies

From fibroids to erectile dysfunction, a local physician cautions against the risks of consuming unverified herbal drinks touted as panaceas, which can lead to severe health complications.

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Hello, my village people! It’s Dr. Okenye, your village doctor. I have come again o!. So, I believe we need to discuss this. You have probably heard about all these drinks sold on the roadside or in buses or on your streets that claim to cure multiple diseases.

I have heard of some that even claim to cure illnesses that can only be surgically removed, including fibroids. Please do not fall for these scams.

Recently, someone sent me a DM that they had apparently been convinced to purchase a herbal concoction that was supposed to “cure” erectile dysfunction and many other chronic illnesses.

Again, remember that ingesting some of these substances may increase your risk of end-organ damage, including liver and kidney disease, and other terrible complications. Some of these concoctions can literally cause irregular heart rhythms or even cause heart blocks.

So, before you try any unconventional supplements or herbal medications, make sure you discuss them extensively with your doctor and ensure they have clear evidence that their benefits outweigh the risks.

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Emmanuel Okenye

Dr. Emmanuel Okenye, DO is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. He is ABIM board-certified and practices both outpatient at Evergreen Family Medicine and inpatient at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon.

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