Your Comprehensive Guide to the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022

Get to know more about us. We have a proud history.

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Are you ready to be part of the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022 Summit? TANTV is proud to publish the official resource and schedule guide for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022. Our guide will provide you with up-to-date and detailed information on the Summit’s schedule, activities and events. Whether you are interested in attending the Summit, or just curious to learn more about it, we have you covered. 


Strengthening U.S.-Africa Relations: Resource and Schedule Guide to the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022

Our guide will include a comprehensive overview of the Summit’s key meetings, events and activities, including the Diaspora Forum, Business Forum, Climate Change Forum and Side Events. We will also provide information on the Summit’s speakers and guests, including updates on the latest news and developments. In addition, we will provide useful resources and information on Summit-related events. 

We invite you to download our U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit 2022 resource and schedule guide and join us in Washington, DC for this historic event. The Summit will be an opportunity to strengthen U.S.-Africa relations, and to create economic and social opportunities for both the African continent and the world. 


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