Celtics win big against the Kings in a blowout road victory

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The Celtics just finished their 6 games that were back-to-back on the road, and they finished it on a big high note. After losing brutally to the Utah Jazz on Sunday, the Celtics were set to face the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday. When the Celtics arrived, they pulled off an impressive performance against the Kings.

They managed to jump to a 19-point lead against the kings by putting up a third quarter where the scored 40 points. By the end of the game, they managed to win it with a 132-109 final score against the Kings.

All 5 of the Celtic Starters managed to put up double points during the games. Players Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Derrick White contributed a large number of points. Brown made 36 points, Tatum scored 27 points, and White added to both of them with 20 points as well as 10 assists toother points which lead him to claim his eighth double-double in his career, a double-double is when a player managed to get double digits in two of the 5statistical basketball categories, in this case both assists, and actual points White put up.

This ends the Celtic’s Road trip with four wins and two losses, however one of the biggest impacts from this game came from the return of Celtics player Robert Williams. Robert Williams had previously been sidelined since March 3 after suffering a hamstring injury. With him sidelined, the Celtics went 4-5 with their next few games, rebounding being one of the biggest reasons for it. Williams returned to the court Tuesday night with only having 21 minutes total off the bench. During that time, he managed to put up six points.

It’s obvious that the Celtics are a different team when they add Williams into the lineup for their games, which is why many say it’s no surprise that his return led to them having one of the best games they had all month.

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