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Taiye Akinmboni, founder of AfroBeatLive (ABL), is on a mission to celebrate African culture and unite the African diaspora community through music, sports, entertainment, and more. ABL's annual Christmas party, which brings together people of all cultures, serves as a celebration with a cause, raising funds for education and breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa. Taiye's dedication and passion for the cause continue to inspire and uplift the community.

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It was a celebration of Black excellence that will be remembered for years to come. The AfroBeatLive annual Christmas party held on December 7th was an extraordinary event that celebrated Black Excellence. People of all backgrounds, cultures, colors and races gathered to enjoy a night of fun and entertainment. From the ladies dressed in their finest to the men looking dapper, the night was full of joy and laughter. The electrifying sound of Afrobeats kept everyone dancing until the wee hours of the morning, and the delicious food and drinks gave everyone the opportunity to indulge in the Christmas spirit. It was a perfect opportunity for people to come together and experience shared culture and celebrate the diversity that exists in our community. This remarkable event was a beautiful way to close off the year and will remain in our memories for years to come.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Taiye Akinmboni, the founder of AfroBeatLive (ABL); we discussed his inspiration, motivation and plans for ABL. 

Taiye was born in Nigeria and has been in America for close to 30 years. He hold a degree in computer science but has always had a passion for entrepreneurship which led him to found the lifestyle and entertainment company ABL. His mission for ABL is to bring African culture to life through music, sports, entertainment, and more.

“ABL is an incredible platform that celebrates African culture and unites the African diaspora community” 

Taiye Akinmboni Co-Founder AfroBeatLive (ABL)- Middle

Taiye shared that ABL covers the 5 senses of African culture which includes food, sports, music, lifestyle, and religion. Not only do they have a show called HotSeat, FAN Zone which covers sports like the World Cup, but they also have ABL Gospel which covers the Bible and different stories from the faith. Furthermore, their annual Christmas party is open to people of all cultures, bringing together people from all different backgrounds to celebrate. ABL Christmas party is a celebration with a cause, the organization partners with CALA a non-profit organization focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through education. This year, they were able to raise close to $2000 for CALA to help Children in Africa pay for school and feeding. He also highlighted ABL’s sponsorship with NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) to give away tickets and support charity. Plus, they had a representative in Russia for the World Cup to interview people about African culture and sports teams.

The 46-year-old founder is proud of the great heights that ABL has achieved so far, such as their Christmas Party which brings together Africans, Latinos, Americans and people from all backgrounds, as well as their partnership with Prince George County to host a soccer tournament that engaged over 1,000 attendees. Despite the pandemic slowing them down, Taiye remains positive about the future of ABL and stresses the importance of community. He believes it is possible to have fun while also doing good. 

Taiye’s work with ABL is inspiring and we are delighted for the opportunity to learn more about the organization. His passion for the cause is evident and he has done much to bring African culture to the forefront of conversations. We are inspired by his dedication to helping African immigrants and those who enjoy African culture come together in celebration and connection. We wish him the best as he continues to do amazing work with ABL.

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