Did Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ Movie Thrill Hearts on Valentine’s Day?

Bob Marley newly released biopic, "One Love" directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, pays powerful tribute to the legendary reggae icon, revolving around the creation of his iconic 1977 album.

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Did Bob Marley's 'One Love' Movie Thrill Hearts on Valentine's Day?

In a powerful tribute to the legendary reggae icon, Bob Marley “One Love” movie directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green released in theaters on Valentine’s Day explores a pivotal period in Marley’s life, revolving around the creation of his iconic 1977 album, Exodus.

“One Love” tells a compelling story of Marley’s life, relationships, Rastafarian beliefs, activism, and, most importantly, his music. The film offers a reminder that, despite his short life of 36 years, Bob Marley left an enduring impact on the world.

Did Bob Marley's 'One Love' Movie Thrill Hearts on Valentine's Day?

However, the critical reception of “One Love” has been mixed, reflected in its 39% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While some reviewers note moments of struggle in capturing the true Marley vibes, the movie is a testament to Marley’s influence.

“One Love loses out on a richer, deeper exploration of Marley as a person whose flaws ultimately didn’t overpower his life as a musician, but certainly affected him and those around him more than the biopic lets on. It even sanitizes some of the politics that influenced his music.” – Screen Rant 

Paramount’s “One Love” is expected to dominate the box office during the Valentine’s Day-Presidents Day stretch, with an estimated gross of $30 million-$35 million. Despite the lukewarm reviews, the film resonates strongly with multicultural audiences and emerges as the first choice for both older and younger viewers.

The Cast 

The Bob Marley “One Love” movie is a family affair, with Marley’s children Ziggy and Cedella serving as producers, and sons of the Wailers, Junior Marvin and Family Man, playing their respective roles.

Ziggy Marley, his wife Orly Marley, and family at the “Bob Marley One Love” movie premiere – Getty Images

Director Reinaldo Marcus Green emphasized the importance of the Marley family’s involvement, stating,

“It was paramount for me to have the family’s involvement. If they weren’t involved, I couldn’t do it. Ziggy [Marley] was on the very first call as a producer hiring me to direct this movie.”

Ben-Adir portrayed Marley with the actor immersing himself in the role by learning Jamaican Patois and mastering the guitar.

Did Bob Marley's 'One Love' Movie Thrill Hearts on Valentine's Day?

Lashana Lynch, known for her role in Captain Marvel, The Woman King stars as Marley’s wife, Rita, delivering a captivating performance that stands out in the film. 


The Music 

The film includes 17 of Bob Marley’s famous songs, and they sound just like how Marley sang them. Kris Bowers, who also worked on ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Green Book,’ made some new music for the movie.

Ben-Adir, sang Marley’s songs while they were filming which sounds just like the real recordings of Bob Marley. 

Also, some of the best musicians worldwide sang a cover of Marley’s hit songs. Wizkid delivered the iconic ‘One Love’ cover. Other artists who contributed to this tribute include Bloody Civilian covering ‘Natural Mystic,’ Skip Marley singing ‘Exodus,’ Daniel Caesar performing ‘Waiting in Vain,’ Kacey Musgraves delivering ‘Three Little Birds,’ Jessie Reyez interpreting ‘Is This Love,’ and Leon Bridges presenting a cover of ‘Redemption Song.

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